Next Resident Evil Game Coming in 2021; Cross-gen & Biggest Departure for the Series yet

Resident Evil 3 launches tomorrow but already we have new developments concerning the next game in the long-running Resident Evil franchise. Known Capcom leaker Twitter user @AestheticGamer1 shared a range of new details on the next Resident Evil Project. For instance, the leaker shared that the next Resident Evil project will be cross-gen between Xbox One, PS4 and the upcoming Xbox Series X and PS5.

The leaker also suggested the title would release next year in 2021:

In a series of tweets the leaker also said it will be the biggest departure in the franchise yet:

Fans of the franchise might shudder at the thought of a big departure but let’s remember RE7 was also a big departure from the rest of the franchise in that it was in first person. RE7 was incidentally one of the best received Resident Evil game in years. So a departure from the usual formula is not necessarily a cause for concern.

We will update this article if more details come to light.

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