Diablo 4: What We Know So Far

It’s been a long wait for Diablo fans, but the end is finally in sight. After over seven long years of nothing but hope, rumours and heightened anticipation, the fourth instalment of Diablo is due to appear finally in 2021. Back in November last year, Blizzard Entertainment released the first details of the new game in the action RPG franchise, and ever since the details are thin and far between. So, we thought we’d breakdown what the latest is on Diablo 4 with everything we know so far.

There has been a lack of Diablo action over the years, though a few distinct games, such as the Diablo 13 niche-driven game title, made an appearance to tide fans over in their need for anything hell, skulls and demon related. There was also talking about a mobile spin-off game, Diablo Immortal, that still hasn’t materialised since being announced back in 2018, so the anticipation for the latest entry has intensified.

Rod Fergusson Will Be Over Seeing the Franchise!

Yes, the man behind the Gears of War series up and left the Coalition Studio last month to front the Diablo series, only providing further expectation Diablo 4 will be heading in the right direction and improving in all aspects. From changes to UI, controller support on PC and changes to the 2-player co-op experience, the game will slowly reveal itself over the year. It’s been promised since it’s reveal that there will be quarterly updates on Diablo 4, with the most recent in February, but the game is still very much in early development.

A Return to Darker Days

When the first reveal of Diablo 4 at Blizzcon ’19 appeared, its lengthy cinematic trailer showed a few things, the main one being a return to its roots. A darker, more dramatic setting was shown in its tense, dread-filled opening that confirms the themes of the first two entries of the series have returned. The game will be set many years after the events of Diablo 3, with the story continuing from the slaughter of millions due to the actions of the High Heavens and Burning Hells. It all points to gameplay and a narrative that will be full of gore and hack and slash action which will surely not disappoint.

Lilith Returns!

As the cinematic trailer revealed towards the end, Diablo 4 will see the return of the antagonist Lilith, Queen of Succubi. The creator of the world of sanctuary seems to have returned at a time when powers around her have depleted, creating an opening for Lilith to take control once again. The daughter of Mephisto will be the main villain in Diablo 4, as far we can tell, after the destruction of the physical being of Diablo in the last game. Not much has been revealed on the plot so far, but what we do know is its setting will return to the very gothic and dark world that the series is known for.

There Will Be 5 Main Gameplay Classes

Along with the cinematic trailer, the team at Blizzard treated fans to a look at the gameplay of three of the five main classes of playstyle: Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid. Depending on your preference, there is something for everyone from this as you explore Diablo 4’s isometric, dungeon world. The gameplay, by the way, looks sharper and as stunning as ever, thanks to the power of PS4 and Xbox One, and the world has been designed to be as gritty and immersive even more so than before. The last two classes of gameplay will hopefully be revealed in the coming months.

Open, Online World

The game will continue to be an online world, much like Blizzard’s other successful RPG franchise World of Warcraft. The expected MMO will ground players in a vast and fully engrossing world that will span five regions and will incorporate a full day and night cycle. Being built on a brand-new engine to support PC and consoles, possibly even for the upcoming next-gen incarnations, means Diablo 4 will look and feel better than ever before.

We’re still holding out hope that the 2021 release date remains accurate, but as has been the way with many upcoming releases, such as The Last of Us Part 2, a delay can’t be ruled out at this early stage. We’ll have the Diablo 4 developments as they come right here.

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