Shadow of the tomb raider – Why it’s still one of the best games released in last decade

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider continues to endure the world of modern action-adventure games. Being the last of the Tomb Raider epic origin trilogy did not stop players from wishing there’ll be more sequels in the future.

Lara Croft is the most anticipated character. Tomb Raider movies were a true success starring Angelina Jolie. Movies broke all records and financially it become a successful project. Along with video game developing companies, big casinos and gambling operators got a huge interest. In 2018, Shadow of the Tomb Raider got the popularity and the gambling sector decided to adapt the character to casino games. From 2019 gamers can play real online casino games related to Tomb Raider. Online casinos have adapted various stories of Lara Craft and the ‘shadow of the Tomb Raider’ become the most popular. It has different levels and gamers need good strategic experience to get into the last level and win the game with Lara Croft. Casino operators, like video game developers, are always delivering the latest trends and implementing popular characters into the slots or other casino games gets more attention. Lara Croft’s adaptation into the casino world was a game-changer as the casino got attention from people who were fans of the Tomb Raider series or movies. Especially Canadian casinos got worldwide recognition for Croft’s adventures because those local operators were first to develop the fictional character into the wild casino game. Along with the gambling version, the shadow of Tomb Raider is one of the best video games released so far since 2018.

Why It Is Still the Best Video Game Released in 2018

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been staying at the forefront of the trilogy, and here are the main reasons why it was the best video game release in 2018: 

1.      The overall grandeur of the places Lara Croft is visiting is still the same as other Tomb Raider games. Players appreciate intricate details along the way, and one can sense mystery or danger even while just moving along ancient temples, villages, and forests.

2.      There are no boring sequences while playing the Shadow. Aside from feasting your eyes on caverns, temples, and chambers, you can also work on different quests and side games along the way. You get to work on artifacts and treasure hunting, decipher ancient codes, and do side missions.

3.      The game involves the right interactivity to evoke a sense of realism. You can swim underwater, rappel on mountain cliffs, jump on rotating machines, etc.

4.      It has an impressive gameplay wherein you can interact with villagers and combat villains, but the highlight still goes to deciphering mysteries in ancient tombs.

5.      You can improve your gaming experience by taking cues from the surroundings. It is usually essential when you are unlocking a puzzle.

Review of the Game

Tomb Raider games are charming its players with exhilarating visuals, excellent storyline, and dynamic gameplay experience. And it’s been steady ever since.

Apart from praising the visual aesthetics of the game, players are expressing their excitement over Lara Croft’s new skills like the stealth mode and the Fear Arrows. But while most are rooting over more combat scenes, some miss the naïve Lara.

In the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara’s character is evolving. From being a woman in survival mode, she’s now more equipped and more aggressive. Having this sense of confidence echoes to her newly found skills. But many who grew up practically alongside Lara’s character in the first two parts will somehow miss her flawed version – someone whom we can all easily identify.

Overall, the Shadow of the Tomb Raider has the most immersive gameplay among the trilogy. It absolves the limits of its predecessors by indulging its players to a greater sense of scale, more fulfilling victories, better interaction, and great attention to detail. Using Peru and Mexico as its setting is a perfect choice, as it genuinely adds more explorative elements and overall sense of mystery. It stirs the adventure seeker in anyone.

Critics Rated the Game as the Best!

Almost two years since its release, critics see it as one of the most enduring games there is. And what makes it more exciting is that after you finish the game, you can continue the adventure with new abilities through the New Game Plus feature.

 One can explore different paths to enter, depending on the player’s personal preference. As the Shadow of the Tomb Raiders is action and game packed, you can now master your favorite among Lara’s skills. You can work on the Serpent (stealth), Jaguar (combat), or Eagle (survival). You’ll have more reasons to love the Shadow of the Tomb Raider and master your adventure.

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