Evolution of the Internet and Online Gaming

Gaming has been a source of entertainment to mankind since its launch in the 1950s at a science fair. It has since evolved and given room to a new generation of gamers, especially with the birth of the internet which gave rise to online gaming. 

The history of online gaming can be traced to the first mainframe computers and networks, where games had to be developed to run tests and check performance. These games were launched using host-based networks for decades and it evolved into what we have in the modern game industry today. This progress has taken lots of turns and twists and there is so much more to expect in the long run, considering how much technology keeps evolving. 

Over the last decade, online gaming has grown beyond average graphics, split-screen and many flaws that have been tied to it for long. With the constant development in the tech industry, online games now have complex graphics, appealing visuals, and more creative video games.  You can play your games solo or in multiplayer mode and you can choose whether to play on PC or on mobile devices.

Today, there are many popular online games, including the game poker domino, League of Legends (LOL), Minecraft, Fortnite Battle Royale, and DOTA 2.

The Pioneers

Online gaming became popular in the late 90s and early 20s due to the evolution of the internet. However, it was first adopted by Neverwinter Nights in 1991, which was a series of video games based on the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. This game allows players to compete with each other using a ladder system. It took advantage of the improved internet and set the path for more online games to come.

The numerous video game genres today with quality content shows how the online gaming industry has constantly evolved. 

Mass Participation

Mass participation in gaming quickly gained traction and developers began to build more games that allow multiple players. This was based on the idea of connecting humans from different parts of the world to play a single game while taking advantage of the connectivity of the Internet. This means millions of people can play competitively on the same platform.

A perfect example is the World of Warcraft that amassed over 12 million players in 2008 and is still considered one of the biggest successes of its day. It was launched in 2005 and attracted both beginners and professionals in the gaming industry, as PC games were becoming rampant and the Internet connection was improving. Not long after World of Warcraft went viral did more online games started allowing mass participation. 

The Birth of Online Casinos

Since the online gaming industry became successful and constantly amassed profits, it has opened doors to more online gaming mediums, one of which is the Online Casino. Also known as virtual casinos or Internet casinos, it was first launched in 1996 and enables gamblers to play on casino games through the Internet.

Online casinos began to gain more traction in the late 2000s and today, it can be played either as a web-based game or download-based. While web-based do not require users to download the software to their local computer to have access, download-based requires downloading the software and connecting it to the casino service provider.

Today, there are hundreds of millions of players of online casino games all over the world, as it constantly improves.

Improved Connectivity

The evolution of online gaming has made it easy for anyone across any part of the world to join in the fun and entertainment, as it now dominates the video gaming industry. Indeed, even those in rural or remote areas, where internet connection is not readily available, can make use of the best satellite internet for gaming and join in the fun. Most games now have an online element and while some cannot run without an internet connection, some others would require downloading the software to allow you to play. 

The integration of online elements in most games today and with more players can be connected to faster internet speeds and easier accessibility. This can also be tied to the existence of improved smartphones that give room for more online games, which makes mobile gaming even more advanced. Most smartphones have pre-installed games with more free options on Google Play Store and the App Store to choose from. 

Some of these mobile games have premium features that should be paid for to have access, which makes it more fun and exciting for gamers while developers make their money. 

The improved connectivity is beyond the Internet and the gaming industry, as players get to challenge other players from anywhere across the globe to compete with them. This makes humans connect better on similar interests, such as gaming.

Advancement of Online Gaming Today

The progress of online gaming is immeasurable, as it keeps growing rapidly. Some of the technological advancements over the last decade include:

1. Facial Control

This is one feature that used to be a simple wish for most gamers but is now a reality, as most games have implemented it. A facial recognition software will be used to produce a player that looks just like you, which makes you feel you are actually inside the video game, experiencing the thrill in real-time. 

2. Voice Control

This is a great way to have fun while playing a game that allows voice directions. You just have to say short orders or yell, depending on the rules of the game.

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality makes the game more fun, exciting, and real, as it creates the gaming atmosphere around you. This helps you to experience the game fully in a three-dimensional environment while interacting with that environment.

4. Gesture Sensor

This makes controlling in the game easier and faster with simple gestures, which depends on the game format and rules.


Online gaming today has gained popularity around the globe, with the sense of competition that gives players the thrill. However, beyond the fun and thrills, its benefits, psychologically and physically, are numerous. This includes enhanced multitasking skills, improved problem-solving skills, improved attention and concentration, enhanced memory, improved social skills, and more.

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