The Best Slot Machine Games that Are Based on Video Games

The virtual world has a dramatic appeal for the young audience. In fact, adults and older adults are also turning to the virtual world increasingly to run away, even if that is for a moment, to the world that provides entertainment and peace. The real world does not always provide relief to the weary hearted and exhausted souls. And the only option that one has left then is focussing on what the virtual reality has to offer. Video games and online games are options that many of us like to avail to kill boredom and have some fun. The popularity of some of these video games is such that they have inspired several movies and bodies of art. One of those inspired bodies of work is the online video slot. Several online casinos have introduced video slots that have taken after famous video games like Call of Duty and the like. These video slots not only have great graphics and animation, but also draw folks to them in flocks. You can go through this list of real money sites if making money while playing your favourite video slot is something that you would want to do. The purpose of this article is to examine some of these video slots that are based on video games and see how they have been faring in the market so far.

Call of Duty:

Call of Duty is a brilliant franchise that has been around for many years now. The game is a favourite among the young and old, and they keep upgrading their content and graphics with each new release. Needless to say, it makes for an amazing game to be used as a theme in online video slots. The video slot is a little grim when compared to its other counterparts, and the reels are set amidst a demolished building. You can also see bullet holes throughout that contribute to the look and feel of the slot. The bonus in the slot is triggered when you are able to collect three or more Call of Duty logos.

Tomb Raider:

The second slot machine game that we are going to discuss is based upon the Tomb Raider video game which also has a movie franchise to its credit. This video slot has five reels and fifteen pay lines and shows the protagonist Lara taking aimed shots and leaping boundaries to evade tricky and dangerous situations. If you have ever been a fan of the video game, you would know the symbols that the video slot has throughout its course. Each of these symbols has its own meaning and purpose in the slot. The highest symbol is that of Tomb Raider logo, and collecting two of these logos can help you trigger an impressive win in the slot.


Hitman too, initially started as a computer game but later spilt over to acquiring its own movie franchise. Thus, naturally, the game makes for a fantastic idea to be incorporated into video slot games. The game includes several footages of small videos and showcases how the hitman is going about his job. The slot machine has around five reels and fifteen pay lines. There are several features that make the video slot game what it is. With multiple free spins and bonus opportunities, there is just so much that you, as a player, can exploit in the game. If you are smart enough with the gameplay, you can win up to eighteen free spins. That is not a number that you can brush aside.


Yet another beautiful video game that has inspired video slots is the game Bloodrayne. The video game deals with supernatural creatures like vampires and the like, and has several other special features that will keep you glued on to your seats. Bonuses and free spins are triggered when you collect matching symbols, and if you are lucky enough, you can even hit the jackpot and bring home quite a significant amount from the game. Try your hands if the supernatural genre happens to inspire and interest you.


Video games are an amazing way to spend time, especially now when most of us are waiting for the quarantine to pass by as soon as possible. And when you have video slots based on these games, the fun only doubles. Therefore, try these games out when you feel like it and make money while you are at it.

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