Have you noticed the keyboard’s smarter brother before? If so, congratulations!

Are you hearing gaming keypad for the first time or you have little information about it? Well, both of you are in the right place!

This article will provide you with in-depth research about gaming keypads. You only need to dedicate some of your time and stay between the lines.

What is a gaming keypad?

You will need to answer this cheap question if you are a gamer or a newbie before digging deeper about it.

Is it an isolated piece of a keyboard? Many will prematurely judge it as such on the first sight. Let’s find out.

A gaming keypad is an independent peripheral device that provides gamers with full control options thus providing extra comfort when gaming.

The essential keys for gaming in a standard keyboard are the “W”, “A”, “S”, “D”. A gaming keypad will have these keys aboard.

You will also notice additional keys for volume control, the Esc key and F1 to F12.

Background of Game Controls

Why the invention of gaming keypad? Are there its predecessors or immediate rivals? Get the mystery solved here.

Many gamers execute controls when playing computer games through either a mouse or the keyboard. These two controls may perform similar controls but the interaction in the game differs.

Over the past years, many gamers prefer the mouse. The reason behind this is that many find the mouse to be more simplified.

Keyboards have not been much considered for gaming. Many gamers feel it’s just for typing.

Of late, gaming keypads have been the talk in gaming platforms! This is after certain companies introducing mini-keyboards like that are specific to make gaming more lively.

Why you need to opt to a game keypad

There are several benefits to choosing gaming keypads over keyboards and mouse. Let’s find out some of the unique benefits.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Everything in one place
  • More keys
  • More comfort
  • Size friendly
  • Additional features

Everything in one place

Gaming keypad is specifically designed for gaming. For this, no unnecessary keys are available on this device.

All the keys for gaming are located on the device. You will not miss a single control option while using a gaming keypad.

More keys

The gaming keypad doesn’t have strange keys. All the known gaming buttons are made available in a better position.

You will be at liberty to execute commands without moving your hands. This is because all the buttons are within your fingertips.

The keys may, however, be more because they are to prevent you from relocating your hand.

More comfort

These new devices are designed to give gamers more comfort. The ergonomic design will help you play more games as you wish without fatigue.

Forget about hand injury when using gaming keypads! You can use it for longer periods without worry.

Size friendly

You will love the small size of the gaming keypad. You can position this device anywhere as you play your desired game.

You will easily manage this device by either putting it on the lap or your desk.

Additional features

The gaming keypad is fully loaded for use! You will find everything essential aboard plus several extras to enjoy.

Look for these, volume button, macro buttons, USB ports, quick keys and headset ports.

What you need to look for when buying a gaming keypad

Now that you have realized how majestic and convenient a gaming keypad is, you need to understand what to check before buying one.

All these benefits may sound to many as a fairy tale but trust me they are true! Here is some of what you need to look for:

  • Analog stick
  • Number of keys
  • Backlighting
  • Profiles
  • Comfort
  • Additional functions

Analog stick

Why should you consider an analog stick? Analog stick will make your move so easy.

You will not have to worry about WASD or thumb movement. This has no much benefit but is considerable.

Number of keys

Keypads have several keys but not as much as keyboards! It’s quite hard to find a keypad that has 8-9 keys.

Some keypads have up to about 60-70 keys. At times you may find the many keys similar to a keyboard.

It’s preferred to buy a keypad that has about 20-25 keys. Fewer keys may not contribute a lot but so many keys may also get you distracted.


This feature will illuminate your keys. This will be much better at night.


You should have the ability to set up your device as per your wish. This will enable you to adjust the needs that suites the game being played.


Your comfort will keep you going! This is one of the reasons you are opting to a keypad!

Your hands should perfectly fit on the keypad and not get tired after a short time.

You should also make sure that the keypad is adjustable, this will be a plus. More advancement to enhance comfort will be better for you.

Additional functions

Some games will need key binding. You will need a keypad that will have all the keys at your fingertips.

You don’t need to struggle to set up combination keys to play these particular games. You should have everything in place for any need that may arise.

If you like playing games such as WoW and Dota, try buying a gaming keypad with these features and feel the difference. Am sure you are going to love it!

Need more help buying a good gaming keypad?

Well, you may still be confused about which type of gaming keypad to go for. You only need to click on this link and check out the best keypads available in the market.

Last thoughts

Do you want to make your gaming life better? If so, I recommend you to try any keypad of your choice from the link provided and feel the difference!

Through gaming keypads, you stand a chance to experience your efficiency and accuracy while playing games. Give it a shot!

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