Mobile versus PC Gambling: What’s Better During Current Situation?

The great debate between which is better, mobile or PC, has been raging ever since the first Apple iPhone hit the market. The first iPhone was by no means the first smartphone. Nor even the first smartphone that connected to the internet.

However, it was the first smartphone that allowed uninhibited internet access that was on par with a PC, via a mobile device. That’s the essence of the PC vs Mobile gambling debate – can a mobile phone offer a gambling experience that is not only on par with a PC but perhaps even superior to a PC?

Ever since the first iPhone hit the shelves, it’s become more and more challenging to answer that question. The new advances in tech aren’t helping to resolve the great debate. So, how does the addition of the COVID-19 crisis affect the results of this decades-old debate?

Mobile Gambling During Current Situation

Mobile phones aren’t called “mobile” phones for nothing – they are one-up on PC’s in the mobility department, which is why so much effort has been put into developing faster, better smartphones, as well as tablets and notebooks. This investment has been right on the money.

Some punters are even happy to forego the benefits of using a PC in exchange for the mobility that mobile phones offer. Mobile gambling is one of the hottest trends of the decade, and it’s estimated that around 50% of gamblers regularly use mobile phones to access online mobile sportsbooks and mobile casino gambling activities.

Mobile Gambling Hygiene

Online gambling by itself offers a great alternative to the now unhygienic brick-and-mortar casinos, events, and bookmakers. Mobile phones top it off – you’re unlikely to be sharing your mobile phone with anyone, unlike a PC, which may be shared within the family.

However, they also need to be regularly cleaned to ensure the germs you pick up when you leave the house don’t travel back unchecked on your mobile phone after you’ve washed your hands. Unfortunately, the mobility of mobile phones means mobile phones travel outside the home, therefore making them the perfect vector for virus transfers.

Mobile Gambling Pros:

  • Dual-purpose device
  • On par with your PC
  • Mobility
  • In-built internet via SIM
  • Security
  • Hygienic as long as they are regularly cleaned

The Up-Side Of Mobile Gambling

In mobility, convenience, security, and pricing, mobile phones far outstrip PCs. They are easy to carry – you don’t regularly lug your gaming PC case with you everywhere, do you? Plus, they save passwords, they are secure, they are a personal device that no one but you use, they can even be set up to receive direct notifications, and you can use them from almost anywhere.

You can also easily connect to the internet from anywhere via in-built 3G, 4G, or 5G, even if there isn’t Wi-Fi available anywhere nearby. You can view emails, access social media, and browse the internet, just like you can on your PC.

If that exhaustive list of pros wasn’t enough, you can also use your mobile to do other things that a PC can’t – for example, to take photos and videos, as well as making and receiving phone calls via your direct phone number.

Mobile Gambling Cons:

  • Small screen sizes compared to PC’s
  • A less immersive experience than PC’s
  • Lower graphics processing capabilities (at present)
  • Need to be sanitized when you come back home

The Down-Side Of Mobile Gambling

Despite mobile gambling benefits, it’s difficult to claim that the mobile gambling experience is better. Perhaps mobile gambling is just popular because most of us can only access gambling on the go or don’t actually own a PC. Mobile phone contracts are much easier to come by, and usually much more affordable than PC deals.

Plus, mobile phones are a staple for most, even before they decided to get into mobile gambling. Carrying a mobile phone is mainstream purely for communication purposes. You’d be hard-pressed surviving in this world without a phone number, and it’s undeniable that mobiles have replaced landlines for personal use.

For this reason, mobiles are surely less disposable and more necessary than PC’s are. But, as far as gaming and gambling go, they also lack the screen size, resolution, processing, and graphics processing departments when compared to PCs.

Is Mobile Sportsbooks and Mobile Casino Gambling Better?

Perhaps we could claim that mobile phones are the economy seats on planes, they aren’t the best, but they sure are convenient.

Much like economy seats, they get a lot of usage, are mobile, and get around a lot – and therefore need a bit more regular cleaning than a PC does. Especially if the COVID-19 virus is involved.

PC Gambling During Current Situation

If you look at the complete history of gambling, then you’ll notice that PC gambling isn’t that far in front of mobile gambling. The first PC gambling games were invented in the 1980s, when home computers became a household reality, instead of a futuristic appliance.

The internet didn’t come around until the late 1990s, and smartphones started making an appearance at around the same time. For this reason, PC gambling doesn’t have that much of a head-start on mobile gambling.

It’s even possible to play many classic slot games at modern casinos today. If you’d like to get a taste of what the original classic casino slot games were like, check out the Vulkan Vegas casinos “Classic Slots” section. They also offer an amazing Vulkan Vegas bonus.

PC Gambling Hygiene

If you’re sharing your PC with family, then make sure to wipe down your keyboard, mouse, and any other commonly touched vectors between sessions. Remember to keep your money, data, and personal info safe too.

“Whether you’re interested in getting involved in the best online mobile gambling or the best online PC gambling, just remember to watch out for scam sites,” says casino expert Eliasz Nowak. “Online gambling may be more hygienic and a safer option during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it does come with its own safety issues.”

PC Gambling Pros:

  • A more immersive gambling experience
  • Higher resolution graphics
  • Full casino and sportsbook capability
  • Fast graphics processing and GPU processing

The Up-Side Of PC Gambling

PC’s appeal to those who love full-screen resolution and don’t mind gambling from home. That’s not to say those same gamblers won’t also use their mobiles to gamble, just that they may prefer the visual experience of playing online casino games, betting, live-betting, or live-streaming an event.

In this way, PC’s are definitely superior. You can even hook your gaming PC case to your large-screen LCD TV for an out-of-this-world visual experience. That’s something you can’t achieve so easily with a mobile phone.

PC Gambling Cons:

  • Immobility –  unless you have a laptop
  • Inconvenient to carry or move around
  • May be a shared family device
  • No in-built internet connection

The Down-Side Of PC Gambling

Even the best online mobile gambling experience may not compare to the visual benefits of playing your favorite casino games or making a bet on your PC, but it sure is more convenient. As mentioned before, PC’s do tend to be inconvenient to carry around.

Even if you have a laptop, you won’t be as inclined to lug it around with as much as you regularly take your mobile with you. And, even if you do, you may not be able to connect to the internet directly via your PC.

Is PC Gambling Better?

Classic slots are really video slots that have been designed to mimic the classic casino slots of yesteryear. During this COVID-19 crisis, gambling on your PC is the closest you’re going to get to going to a real casino at present.

Live-streaming, in-play betting, and watching an event on your PC is also the closest you’re going to get to attending a real-life event as well. You’ll just most likely be betting on virtual sports for the foreseeable future.

So enjoy. If mobile casino gambling and sportsbook betting is the economy seating, then online PC gambling is surely the business to first-class experience.

That’s not to say it’s better. It’s just that you may have a more visually pleasurable experience with PC gambling.


Which type of gambling is better – PC or mobile? It really boils down to your own preference. Mobile casino gambling, mobile sportsbook gambling, PC gambling – they are all great hygienic options during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank goodness for our PC, internet, and mobile tech advances.

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