How to Download Knack 2 For Free Outside of Germany and China

Sony recently announced a generous new initiative whereby they are giving away Uncharted Collection and Journey free of charge. However, due to possible censorship issues, Uncharted Collection was replaced by Knack 2 for PS4 gamers in China and Germany. However, there is a simple trick for PS4 users outside of these territories to pick up Knack 2 to help pass the time during this lockdown.

1. Create a new user and then create a new PSN profile. Follow the instructions until you need to enter your region.

2. Choose “Deutschland” (Germany). It is overwritten with “Land oder Region”

3. Next field is language. I’m not sure, but you might be able to choose english there. If you want to male sure, choose “Deutsch” (german)

4. Enter your date of birth. First days, then month, last year.

5. Click on “Weiter” (next)

6. Choose the “Ort” (town), where you live. Obviously ot has to be a german one. Just write “Lienen”. (It’s a small village near my hometown.

7. Next is “Bundesland/Provinz” (approximately equal to states in america like New York or Seattle, for example). Write “NRW” or “Nordrhein-Westfalen”.

8. Now comes the “Postleitzahl” (I’m not sure about the english term, but ‘postal code (?)). Write “49536”.

9. Click on “Weiter” again

10. Now he asks for your Email-adress. Choose one to your liking. Any which isn’t already linked to PSN should suffice.

11. Then enter your “Passwort” (password) of choice and repeat it in the last field.

12. Leave the checkboxes empty (just marketing) and click on “Weiter”.

13. Finally create your new ID. “Online-ID” is your new ID (as you probably guessed).

14. Enter your “Vorname” (first name).

15. Enter your “Nachname” (sur name / family name).

16. It then asks for “Aktivitäten” (activities). Basically who may see, what you do in PSN. Ignore it.

17. Next is “Trophäen” (trophies). Who can see which trophies you achieve. Ignore it as well.

18. Click on “Weiter”

19. Ignore the next batch of checkboxes as well. They are just the settings for PSN friends.

20. Click on “Weiter”

21. Just more settings to follow. “Weiter”.

22. Now you see the “Nutzungsbedingungen” (terms of use). Choose the right option “Akzeptieren” (accept).

23. Check your Mails and click on the link (blue box “Jetzt verifizieren” (prove now)) inside it to prove your adress.

24. Now choose the right option “Bereits bestätigt” (Already done/proven)

25. Click on “Fortfahren” (Go on)

26. Don’t connect to facebook and instead choose the left option “Führe dies später durch” (do it later)

27. I guess you don’t want to enter PS Plus, so click on “Weiter”, then “Überspringen”

28. You are then asked if this is your primary PS4. Click on “Aktivieren” (activate). This way you say it is.

29. Then it says your information has been saved to this PS4. Say “Ok” (Ok ^^)

30. Done. You just sucessfully created a german PSN account on your PS4.

31. Start Knack 2 download and switch over to your main account to play it.

32. Stay inside. Play games. Save lives.

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