Rebellion CTO: SSD Equals Bigger, More Realistic Environments; Unique NPC Animations

Rebellion are a studio famous for their Sniper Elite series of video games. We saw with the Xbox One X the studio were willing to utilise the extra power available and now their CTO has shed some light on what we can expect when Rebellion make games for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Rebellion’s CTO Kevin Floyer-Lea focused on the SSD in particular as a game-changing feature of next-gen and detailed what it will allow his studio to do:

The SSD storage speed then lets us take those beautiful realistic environments and make them load in a flash. And we’re talking about bigger environments than the ones we could create on Xbox One.

Source: WindowsCentral

Finding new things to stream is an important part of this generation, and animation streaming is a game-changer for motion capture. Now we can support detailed motion capture on a much wider scale, like non-player characters simply doing their thing in the background. Instead of all enemy NPCs moving in an identical way, for example, the SSD storage speed means we can offer many unique motion-captured animations – and given we own Audiomotion, Europe’s leading motion capture studio, it’s something we’ll be very keen to do.

Source: WindowsCentral

Whilst this was a discussion focused on the new Series X console, it’s safe to assume this applies to the PS5 as well. In fact, PS5 takes the crown in the SSD department due to its blazing fast custom SSD.

In fact, the PS5 SSD has the ability to access 5.5GB (raw) or a typical 8-9GB (compressed) of data per second. This is around 100 times faster than what’s possible on PS4 currently.

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