Digital Foundry’s John Linneman: The PS5 Could Even The Odds Against Series X

John Linneman of Digital Foundry is well-known in the gaming industry for his expertise on gaming hardware/software. John recently featured on the Basement Radio Arcade Podcast to discuss gaming and next-gen gaming.

Around just under the hour mark in the podcast, John shares his view on the shortsightedness of just focusing on teraflop numbers and his comments were very insightful.

“People get caught up on the numbers a bit too hard sometimes. Especially with things like teraflops…this has more teraflops than that so it’s better but you know it’s really not to cut and dry…I’ll throw out just a theoretical example…take the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X…the tools side on PS4 Pro do a few things with memory and some other tricks to perform certain operations a little bit easier, a little bit faster than Xbox One X, but the Xbox One X can make up for that with a little bit extra hardware power… [with] the PS5 and Series X…they might be able to do something to ‘even the odds’ so to speak which is why I would say don’t look at just…teraflops and say this one is automatically better because it’s not always that… PS5 SSD is rated extremely high, the speed is insane.

Whilst we know the Xbox Series X has the PS5 best on paper, this sheds light on an interesting factor that is often forgotten about due to the focus on teraflop numbers.

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