Petition Launched Asking Sony to Release The Last of Us 2 Digitally

WARNING: The Last of Us 2 heavy story spoilers have leaked online in video form. Due to this, trolling pieces of shit have started to try and ruin the game for others. 

The Last of Us 2 was originally planned to launch a month from now on May 29 but COVID-19 related problems (on the physical distribution side) meant that The Last of Us 2 was indefinitely delayed with no new release date in sight. 

As of yesterday, April 26, videos leaked online with serious story spoilers. We have not watched and will not detail the leaks at all other than they reportedly look legit. 

Shortly after the leaks, the rumour-mill started swirling on the internet that the leaks are a result of a disgruntled employee taking revenge against Naughty Dog for being mistreated in an apparent pay-dispute. 

A petition has launched on asking Sony to revert back to the original release date of May 29 and to release the game digitally via the PSN Store. The petition reads:

On April 26, 2020 leaks emerged spoiling most of, if not all, major story details in The Last of Us 2. At the start of the month, Sony delayed The Last of Us 2 presumably due to COVID-19 impacting physical release. This petition implores Sony to release The Last of Us 2 on its original release date (May 29, 2020) so people can play the game ASAP before the leaks become unavoidable. 

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