Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Officially Confirmed as the Next Assassin’s Creed; Trailer Coming Tomorrow

As of 1pm BST Wednesday 29 April Ubisoft have officially shown off artwork of the new Assassins Creed game on Facebook and confirmed that it does indeed centre on Vikings and called Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, with designer BossLogic drawing a live graphic on stream confirming as much. This became apparent around the 5 hour mark when Viking shields were drawn on the ship but has now been confirmed.

The trailer will premier tomorrow.

English students will likely remember all about Viking’s from history lessons, after all it was our little island they invaded. But here’s a BBC short lesson for those who have maybe forgotten:

The Vikings were brutal, sea-borne raiders from Scandinavia who conquered large swathes of land all over Europe. Between 800 and 1000AD, their violent raids on England so terrified its Anglo-Saxon residents that they described them as pagans, barbarians, and “a most vile people”.

Yet the Norse raiders had a culture as rich and complex as their Christian victims. They believed in a universe made up of nine worlds inhabited by gods and goddesses, giants and giantesses, men, dwarves and elves. They passed on these beliefs through elaborate and eloquent poems and sagas.

Vikings were given courage in battle by their belief in a glorious afterlife. They thought brave warriors had a good chance of reaching Valhalla, a great hall presided over by the god Odin, the treacherous god of battle and poetry. Here they would enjoy a long age of fighting and feasting. This belief shaped the way the Vikings lived their lives, faced their deaths and honoured their fallen.

The new Assassins Creed is slated for release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X with a release date of 2020.

Ubisoft Twitter accounts also teased a Viking invasion on Twitter

The official reveal follows a series of leaks, most recently culminating in the leak of a novel which again revealed the game would involve vikings.

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