CS:GO vs VALORANT – A Comparison

The closed beta of VALORANT is getting so many views on streaming websites that nobody can ignore it. Some people only want to get the beta key that can be obtained as a drop by watching those streams, but most are genuinely interested in the game.

Some people are calling VALORANT as the „next CS: GO“ or the „CS: GO killer. “

To be fair, it will be really hard to take down CS: GO from its throne, especially since it’s been crushing records of concurrent players.

An important part of the game will be finances. RIOT has to make money somehow. And what better way to do it than with skins. They’ve done it in League of Legends, Legends of Runrettera, and in Teamfight Tactics. A proven method to keep the game alive!

For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are already established websites to open cs go cases online. One such site is https://csbet.gg/en. CSBet has been around for years and is the go-to website to get skins.

We can expect similar sites to appear for VALORANT in the near future.

Let’s jump in and see how similar are those two games.

Low Requirements, Anti-Cheat, and 128-Tick Servers

Riot Games has promised that VALORANT will be playable for most people around the world.

There will be very low PC requirements, and most will have at least 30 frames per second. Of course, for gamers, 30+ FPS isn’t enough, and Riot Games assured everyone that 60+ FPS would be achievable for most.

CS: GO also has low system requirements, and the biggest difference becomes the hardware, monitors to be exact. There is a huge difference between 30 vs. 60 vs. 144 Hz monitors.

The biggest promise that Riot Games has made is the 128-Tick Servers. Valve failed to provide that for CS: GO players.

For those who don’t know, 128-tick servers provide the best experience for a competitive shooter game.

They also promise a great Anti-Cheat system, but that, of course, remains to be seen.


I’ll be blunt as possible; the gameplay is identical. VALORANT is played the same way CS: GO is played. It’s a five vs. five format where the goal of one team is to plant the bomb, and the other team tries to stop them.

Each gun has its own shooting pattern that can be learned and mastered, just like in CS: GO, and there is a knife that allows you to run faster or get a quick kill from behind.

The player movement is a little bit slower than in CS: GO, which means more tactics will be used.

There are some unique abilities that each character has, which can be looked at like utilities in Counter-Strike.

In VALORANT, shields are what is Kevlar in CS: GO. Most things you find in CS: GO, you will find in VALORANT as well.


The games are very similar!

Although the abilities might seem like a huge deal, they are not. Everything comes down to proper team execution and perfect aim.

In my opinion, VALORANT is like the edgy little brother of CS: GO. The main question that will remain unanswered for the next few months or years is:

Can these two games coexist, or will one completely dominate the other one?

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