Rumour: The Last of Us 2 Leaks Originated From Hackers

The Last of Us 2 heavy story spoilers have leaked online in video form. Due to this, trolls have started to try and ruin the game for others. Be careful on the Internet and mute words and don’t wade into comment sections on popular threads.

The Last of Us 2 was originally planned to launch later this month on May 29 but COVID-19 related problems (on the physical distribution side) meant that The Last of Us 2 was delayed to June 19.

On April 26, videos leaked online with serious story spoilers. We have not watched and will not detail the leaks at all other than they reportedly look legit. 

Shortly after the leaks, the rumour-mill started swirling on the internet that the leaks are a result of a disgruntled employee taking revenge against Naughty Dog for being mistreated in an apparent pay-dispute. 

In the know journalist Jason Schreier has posted it may have indeed been hackers:

Jason Schreier also confirms a thread on twitter from QA tester PixelButts that sheds more light on the situation:

To break it down, hackers used data in older games from Naughty Dog to gain access to their servers. They stole the footage from an early build of the game. Naughty Dog knew the source of the vulnerability and changed the “key” to prevent further access.

Jason Schreier also said he does not blame his article on crunch culture at Naughty Dog lending weight to the disgruntled employee rumour that floated around:

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