What’s the Best Way to Unblock Netflix US?

Whether it’s the quarantine or just a regular weekend, Netflix is probably your go-to platform for passing the time. And we can’t say we’re surprised since the site has so many awesome shows. It’s just too bad most of them are only available in the US.

Don’t worry, though. In this article, we’ll show you some easy tricks to unblock Netflix US anywhere in the world. If you’re in a hurry and want to learn how to access US Netflix on a smart TV right now, just follow that link.

Why Can’t You Access the Netflix US Library?

How does the site know you’re connecting from a different country, anyway?

It’s pretty simple – Netflix uses geo-blocking technology to restrict your access. When the site receives your connection requests, it sees your IP address. And that address reveals a lot of information about you:

  • What country and city you are from.
  • Your ZIP code.
  • Who your ISP is.

Based on that data, Netflix will redirect your connection requests to your country’s content library. If Netflix isn’t available in your area, you’ll receive a message telling you that.

How to Unblock Netflix US (3 Options)

Netflix relies on knowing your geo-location to control your access to its content. If you hide it, and make it seem like you live in the US, you should solve that problem, right?

Yep, that’s true. And for those of you might think that hiding your geo-data is a difficult task, we have great news: it’s actually a pretty simple process. Don’t believe us? Just check out this step-by-step guide on how to access US Netflix on a smart TV from ProPrivacy.

Alternatively, keep reading to see which methods you can use to easily spoof your geo-location:

1. VPNs

A VPN is an online service that masks your geo-location by hiding your IP address. Here’s how the whole process works:

  • You download, install, and run a VPN client on your device.
  • You use the client to connect to a VPN server in the US.
  • Once you’re connected to it, all your requests to Netflix will go through the server. So it will look something like this: Your device à ISP network à VPN server à Netflix.
  • When Netflix will get your connection requests, the site will only see the IP address of the VPN server. Consequently, it will think you’re in the US.

That all might seem like it’d take a long time, but don’t worry – everything happens in the background, and usually takes a few seconds or less.

Even better, VPNs also encrypt your Internet traffic. Basically, they hide all the data packets that travel between the client on your device and the VPN server. If your ISP tries to monitor them, they’ll just see gibberish.

Thanks to that, they won’t know you’re using up their bandwidth binging Netflix. So, they won’t be able to throttle it, which is just a fancy way to say they’ll lower your streaming speeds to avoid network congestion.

2. Proxy Servers

Like a VPN, a proxy server also hides your IP address by acting like a middleman between you and Netflix. To bypass the site’s strict geo-blocks, you’d need to use a proxy server in the US.

One cool thing about proxies is that they have a local cache where they can save requested web pages. What that means for you is that you can get faster load speeds.


Well, let’s say you request a Netflix web page the proxy already saved in its local cache. Instead of forwarding your requests to Netflix, waiting for a response, and sending the content back to you, the proxy can just retrieve the web page directly from its local cache.

So, less waiting time for you.

3. Smart DNS Services

Like VPNs and proxies, Smart DNS services hide your geo-location. But they do it differently.

Instead of hiding your IP address, a Smart DNS:

  • Hides your DNS address, which can actually reveal geo-data.
  • Intercepts your connection requests and removes any data that might leak your geographical region with new information that points to a location in the US.
  • Routes your traffic through different proxy servers in the US to further mask your geo-location.

Unlike proxies and VPNs, Smart DNS services don’t use encryption. So you don’t experience any slowdowns.

What’s the Best Service?

Both VPNs and Smart DNS services are decent options in our opinion.

VPNs are great because they unblock Netflix and offer you great privacy on top of that. And besides preventing bandwidth throttling, they can also help you unblock Netflix at work or school by hiding your IP address.

Smart DNS work well too, since they don’t interfere with your original ISP speeds. Also, they’re more likely to stay under the radar a.k.a. Netflix doesn’t focus on blocking them as much as they do with VPNs.

Here’s our recommendation – try getting a service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. They offer a VPN + Smart DNS combo, so if one service doesn’t work for you, there’s another one to fall back on.

What’s more, ExpressVPN and NordVPN are just a few services that can actually unblock Netflix US.

You should avoid proxies, though. They’re not very reliable, often get overcrowded (so slow speeds), and some of them even use bandwidth caps. Plus, they can’t really keep up with Netflix’s IP blacklisting. And while their local caching feature is cool, there’s a chance you might receive outdated content.

What’s Your Favorite Way to Unblock Netflix US?

Do you prefer VPNs or Smart DNS services? Or are you one of the few who can successfully unblock Netflix with a proxy server?

Let us know in the comments or on social media. Also, if you have any other tips on how to unblock Netflix US abroad, please share them with us.

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