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Since this lockdown has been in effect, I have been playing video games for more hours than I usually would. If you don’t own a gaming chair then you will be well accustomed to the back strain that comes with sitting on a normal chair. The Boulies Ninja Pro Gaming Chair has been a godsend as I spend so many hours in front of my monitor and it’s never felt so comfortable. 

A brief history on Boulies

Boulies Ninja Pro Review

Before we jump into the review, you might be wondering, who are Boulies? Until recently, I had asked that very same question myself. Here’s a little rundown on one of the new and upcoming players in the gaming chair market:

Boulies is a chair brand which started in London 2015. As a chair manufacturer, Boulies are always seeking the optimal balance between comfort and support. 

Boulies create high quality chairs with directed selling, so you can get a chair without retailer or distributors’ fees. In 2019, Boulies started to sell chairs worldwide in territories such as the United Kingdom, United States and regions of Europe. Boulies say they’re only getting started.

For now, Boulies’  product line has four series chairs for people to choose: Master series, Ninja series, Ninja Pro series and Elite series. All of them have their own highlights and suit for different kinds of people. Supreme materials and eccentric-elegant design make Boulies chairs an outstanding choice.

Ninja Pro Review

As the name gives away, Boulies market this as the chair for the PRO gamer. Whilst I have been getting a fair amount of wins in Call of Duty: Warzone, I’m humble enough to admit I’m not at that level yet. However, you needn’t be a pro to enjoy this comfort. By upgrading the seat cushion and improving materials, with full functional adjustments, luxury materials, and pro design, the Ninja pro series provide an unparalleled sitting experience which become one of the most ideal seats for pro gamers. 

I understand their marketing since trying it myself because a PRO gamer has a lot to focus on, even little distractions like slight discomfort can throw them off their game. Again, whilst not at that level of competitiveness myself, I can understand why it does appeal to that level of gamer since it eliminates any discomfort. As I said however, no matter what level of gamer you are, anyone can enjoy the comfort of the Ninja Pro chair.

First of all, I have tried quite a few gaming chairs in my day and this is by far one of, if not the, easiest chairs I’ve ever put together. Boulies provides very clear instructions and the entire process took less than an hour. 

Aesthetically, the Ninja Pro series is very eye-catching. The design is stylish and is almost a merge between gaming and sophisticated. The unit we reviewed was the Black variant and it was almost entirely black except for some red stitching along various parts of the chair. It’s not what I expected for a gaming chair, it doesn’t look out-of-place at my office desk. This is thanks due to the luxury materials and look of the chair which gives it a dignified, sophisticated aesthetic.

Speaking of materials, the Boulies Ninja Pro is made up of boulies ultraflex PU leather with upholstery of sports cars – microfiber suede. The chair also features a perforated leather design. All together, the aesthetic exudes luxury. Practically, the materials prove to be of high-quality and comfort. It’s a perfect blend between aesthetic and comfort and if any compromises have been made, I can’t notice any.

This symbiosis between comfort and quality material is evidenced in how the Ninja Pro compares to regular gaming chairs:

Being 30% thicker than regular gaming chairs means that the Ninja Pro provides that much more comfort and it is immediately noticeable to somebody like myself that’s tested various chairs over the years. The build quality and the care to accommodate this to achieve greater comfort is a testament to Boulies’ craftsmanship.

Further, the Boulies Ninja Pro is 40% bigger than a regular gaming chair. This translates to additional lumbar support as well as just a generally more supporting chair. This is heightened by the memory foam pillows upgraded with a denser memory foam which can support your back and allow you to still stay comfortable.

Another interesting feature of the Ninja Pro is the 4D armrests. At first, I was perplexed when I heard of this feature. It was the first time I had seen armrests described as 4D. What this means is it allows you to tilt the armrest to make sure that your elbows and forearms are always properly supported.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Boulies achieves what it sets out to achieve by finding that sweet spot between comfort and support with the Ninja Pro. During this lockdown, I’ve spent hours and hours playing video games for prolonged sessions, all in the comfort of the Ninja Pro chair. Due to this, I’ve experienced zero discomfort even when gaming for hours on end.

The chair exudes a luxurious quality thanks to a stylish aesthetic as well as high-quality build materials. Aesthetically, the chair is a real looker. The great thing is whilst this is a gaming chair, it’s subtle luxury gives off a sophisticated vibe so it doesn’t look strange as an office chair as well as a gaming chair.

Being 40% bigger than a regular gaming chair, the Boulies Ninja Pro is especially useful for taller gamers. Ergonomically, the chair is clearly built with a lot of care for our comfort. It’s so comfortable I’ve considering reclining in it and sleeping in it. Overall, it’s a supreme chair for the price and professional gamer or not, anyone can enjoy the comfort of the Boulies Ninja Pro gaming chair.

*We are grateful to Boulies for providing a review unit of the Ninja Pro for the purpose of this review. You can buy the Ninja Pro from the Boulies website here.*

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