Nintendo Switch Fitness Games for Summer 2020

As we’ve entered May, the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing and inflicting a terrible toll upon our lives. Whilst the lockdown permits us to leave our homes for daily exercise, there’s sure to be a lot of people wary of doing so. In that case, here’s a selection of three fitness games you can play on your Nintendo Switch this Summer to get in the Summer mood and do a little exercise at the same time.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The collaboration between Mario & Sonic, two of Gaming’s most iconic characters, has been going on for over a decade now. The latest collaboration between these two beloved characters takes them and their friends to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

As we know, the real-life Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was forced to delay to next year due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, whilst we won’t be watching the Olympic Games until next summer, we can experience many of the events through Mario, Sonic, and Co. in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 on the Nintendo Switch.

What you get is a fun collection of mini-games emulating the different competitions found in the real Olympic Games. From the 100-meter Dash and Relay Race to Karate, Sport Climbing, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Fencing and a whole lot more, there’s a plethora of activities to enjoy.

However, this is more than just a collection of mini-games as a charming story mode where our titular characters get sucked into a Tokyo 1964 game console created by Doctor Eggman. The comedic story mode is great to have fun whilst also learning some facts and trivia about the history of the Olympic Games.

Every event incorporates motion controls so you’ll be sure to get up and flailing around as you compete. Thankfully, there’s also options for button controls when you need a bit of a rest. Overall, this is a great package with a plethora of fun mini-games, a comedic yet educational story mode and a varied cast of charming characters.

*Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 can be purchased from the Nintendo Store.*

Go Vacation

A resort vacation is always at your fingertips with GO VACATION on Nintendo Switch. Welcome to Kawawii Island, a paradise resort where friends and family can enjoy 50+ co-op and competitive activities.

Anyone that had a Nintendo Wii will no doubt know of Wii Sports. It was the killer software that sold a jaw-dropping 80+ million copies. Success breeds competition and in 2011 Bandai Namco tried their hand at replicating the success of Wii Sports with Go Vacation. In 2018, Go Vacation made it’s way to the new Nintendo system, the Switch.

Kawawii Island is home to 4 resorts: Marine, Mountain, Snow and City. Each resort has a unique look and its own set of mini-game adventures. At the Marine resort you’ll find fun activities such as beach volleyball and scuba diving. The Mountain resort is home to activities such as horseback riding and kayaking. Naturally, the Snow resort is home to skiing and snowmobile races. Last of all, the City resort is home to urban activities such as hand-gliding, racing, and table tennis.

The Nintendo Switch version brings with it the wide range of fun activities found in the original Wii release. On top of that, the Switch version is treated to a HD upgrade. Also, friends and family can appear in the resort as Mii or in-game characters.

The true enjoyment of Go Vacation is to be had when you compete against friends and family in the many fun activities on offer at the four different resorts. That’s the keyword: fun. Sure, it’s not as pretty as some other Switch titles but it sure is a lot of fun.

*Go Vacation can be purchased from the Nintendo Store.*

Fitness Boxing

It’s time to get moving in Fitness Boxing for Nintendo Switch! Work up a sweat in daily, boxing-based workouts to some smashing tunes, from artists like Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Avril Lavigne and more – anytime, anywhere!

I was almost fooled into believing this was a game developed my Nintendo themselves. The aesthetic and quality share a lot of similarities. The boxing activities involve the use of both joy-cons. Out of the three fitness games in this article, Fitness Boxing is the most serious out of the three for pure fitness reasons with it having a Fitness Age, Calendar and progress tracking.

Whilst focusing on the fitness features quite seriously, there’s also a very fun rhythm boxing gameplay element. It’s simple, box to the rhythm of the music. The execution is simple, punch with the left and right joy-cons corresponding to the beats seen on either side of the screen.

The gameplay is fun and will keep you active but the real draw is the integrated fitness features. With the input of a few personal details, Fitness Boxing will set-out daily challenges for you to complete and you’ll see exactly how many calories you burn every day.

*Fitness Boxing can be purchased from the Nintendo Store.*

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