The Future Of Gaming May Not Be What You Think

If you’re a gamer you might be wondering what you can expect from this source of entertainment in the future. The answer is quite a lot but it may not be quite what you think. Many people believe they understand what gaming will offer in the future but some of the current predictions could surprise you. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent possibilities. 

A Focus On Sound 

Recently Sony revealed some of the only information available about the PS5 and it was surprising, to say the least. Rather than mentioning or even showcasing the graphics that will be available with the new system, one of the leaders on the project was far more interested in discussing the revolutionary way that the system would be able to deliver sound. Now, the sound is often overlooked in gaming. For instance, the PS4 isn’t really able to do much with sound at all and is a step back from the PS3. The PS5 is going to attempt to change that and deliver a solution that provides a sound experience that is truly incredible and completely immersive. Sony clearly believes that sound is the key to delivering a unique gaming experience that will make it feel like you are in the moment. 

For instance, they suggested that the new system would allow you to pinpoint exactly where an enemy was as long as you had the perfect set up. It’s a cool idea and more interestingly, Sony is pushing to ensure that the system works on a massive variety of different devices, rather than simply headphones. Although headphones will be the first priority. 

This definitely isn’t the only advancement that is coming from the next generation of gaming, but it’s one of the more interesting concepts. It suggests that maybe Sony is thinking a little more outside the box. 

Photo Realistic Graphics?

There’s always a push for enhanced graphics in gaming and we guarantee that we’re going to see games that feel and look more real in the not too distant future. Indeed, in Dreams, people have been able to use the system to create photorealistic worlds. Of course, this isn’t a new idea and people have been pushing to achieve this for years with mixed results. You see, it’s one thing to create a world that looks photorealistic, but quite another to ensure that it is playable as well as immersive. Immersion is always one of the key goals when creating a gaming experience. 

There have also been strong hints that game developers will restrict just how realistic they go with their latest titles. For instance, many people are hoping that the next-gen of gaming will bring Grand Theft Auto 6. An argument definitely could be made that it would be worth ensuring that the graphics on a game like that don’t look too real. This is a game where immersion could be an issue because it would glorify acts of finals and criminal acts. People who want games to look as realistic as possible will often argue that films have the same type of action play out on screen. 

However, there is a substantial difference between watching something unfold before your eyes and taking action to make it happen. Moviemakers often want you to feel as though you are walking in the same shoes as the character but not in a literal sense which is where, arguably, games cross the line just a little more. 

Combining Tech

There are strong hints that gaming will combine with different types of tech in the future. For instance, it’s possible that game developers will want to embrace AR as part of the future. This does make a lot of sense particularly when you consider the success that Niantech had with Pokemon Go. it provided a revenue stream worth millions of dollars. Of course, the problem with tech like this is that it’s not as immersive as developers might like but there is equipment on the market that could offer this type of experience. Drones, for instance, like the Mavic Air 2 provide high-quality video that will allow a user to gain a realistic view of the world. Adding AR to tech like this shouldn’t be an issue and could provide some fantastic gaming experiences. 

Drones are actually already used for games from drone racing to drone battles. As such, it makes sense that this could be the next step. 

Furthermore, as developers look at how they can ensure that games feel more immersive, it makes sense that there would be an increased focus on VR experiences. Gamers might feel as though VR has been abandoned in recent years. There’s no hint that Microsoft is focused on this tech and no signs that Sony will announce the sequel to Playstation VR anytime soon. Now, it’s possible that the sales for VR systems simply weren’t as strong as either company would like. It’s also possible that they know gaming is a community experience and it’s difficult to market a product that is designed for solo play. However, there’s still hope that virtual reality will be the main focus moving forward. 

Indeed, many experts believe that Sony could be working on their second VR system behind the scenes with the possibility of pairing it with the PS5. While that would push up the price it would also provide a USP to make the system stand out against the latest offering from Microsoft. Others suggest that the system could be in the works for 2021. So developers might need to spend more time reworking VR, but they’re not abandoning it completely. 

The End Of Exclusives?

Many are hoping that we are reaching the end of the exclusives where certain games are only available on particular consoles. However, if anything it’s likely that there are going to be more exclusives in the future. Sony has announced Playstation Studios which is for all the games that are developed exclusively for their consoles. There are some big IPs here too including God of War, The Last Of Us, Ratchet and Clank as well as Uncharted. 

There are some rumors that these titles are going to be launching on the PS5 but no concrete evidence just yet. As for Microsoft, they have been busy buying up multiple studios to ensure that they get exclusive rights for the games that they develop. That’s important because Sony hit hard last year when they gained exclusive rights to Spiderman PS4. That’s not particularly surprising because Sony actually owns the IP for more than just gaming anyway. 

Everything Open World 

Many people have argued that platform gaming is a relic that should be cast into the past. It’s true that there have been more open-world games recently and they do offer what can be a compelling experience. However, this is only the case if the word in question isn’t repetitive and does deliver more than games would perhaps expect. It also needs to be rich and filled with possibilities. There are lots of games that looked impressive in scope and ambition but ultimately hit the market fairly empty. No Man’s Sky is a key example of a disappointment like this but it’s certainly not the only time that players have been burned. That all too familiar Sea of Thieves is another strong contender for one of the biggest open-world disappointments. 

As well as this platform gaming is useful if you want to tell quite a tight story and provide an emotional arc for the gaming experience. So, don’t expect developers to let go of this concept just yet. Remember, the majority of game developers are looking to tell a story, similar to those who make films. 

What About DLC?

Some gamers hate DLCs and some gamers love them. There is the argument that DLC’s have allowed developers a key loophole to release games that are unfinished and aren’t ready for the market while still charging market price. Big titles have been accused of this including Star Wars Battlefront which was ridiculously small when first released with levels being added later. However, those hoping DLC would disappear are in for a nasty shock. It ensures that games can continue to evolve and grow over time. It strengthens how long games are appealing and ensures that they keep making money. GTA V was released years ago and still holds the interest of gamers because of continuously added DLCs. Indeed, there’s an argument to be made that until GTA V stops making money, there’s no reason for Rockstar to release GTA 6. The good news is that you might see the end of DLCs that provide little to no value for the gamer. 

We hope you see now that the future of gaming could be different than you perhaps predicted. Indeed, it’s possible that new games won’t look like what people expected at all, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t provide incredible experiences. We’re nearing the launch of the next generation of games consoles and there are already signs that they are going to deliver something truly special to the gaming community. 

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