Someone Managed To Recreate The Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo In Dreams

I’m pretty sure we were all floored by wednesday’s Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo, but Martin Nebelong, a freelance artist from Denmark managed to reproduce that stunning opening scene in Dreams on the Playstation 4. Yes, really:

If you take a look at videos or screenshots side by side, you obviously see the added level of detail and effects in UE5, but you could have fooled me if you watched them a few days apart. Very impressive work!

What’s even more impressive is that it took Martin only TWO hours to achieve this result. Here’s a timelapse of the level’s creation:

With Epic’s talk of Polygon counts and “billions of triangles” you’d be surprised to learn that this scene in Dreams has ZERO polygons and the filesize comes in at under 1MB.

Be sure to give Martin a follow if you’re interested in his work and you can join the discussion on this particular creation here:

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