Cliff Bleszinski Admits Mistake in Siding With PlayStation over Xbox

Cliff Bleszinski is one of the biggest names in gaming. The former director of Epic games enjoyed a bountiful relationship with Microsoft during the Gears of War series helmed by Epic. What would spawn from that relationship is one of the most successful gaming franchises in history.

When Cliff moved onto new project LawBreakers with his new studio, Boss Key Productions, it baffled many when he ignored Xbox and favoured the PlayStation system. Not only due to their prior relationship but also due to how it’s quite widely accepted Xbox is the console for shooters.

As we know, LawBreakers ended up flopping, hard. LawBreakers sold poorly, leading to the game’s servers being shut off on September 14, 2018; just one year after its release.

Now, Cliff Bleszinski has admitted his mistake in siding with PlayStation over Xbox in a new tweet:

Cliff promised to share more in his upcoming memoirs.

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