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We were fortunate enough to review EPOS’ highest end offering in the GSP 670 not long ago and now we’re checking out its younger brother, the GSP 370. The GSP 370 slots nicely in the medium-high end of the spectrum and boasts a gobsmacking 100 hour battery life. Compatible with both PC and PS4, the GSP 370 firmly cements its place at this price mark with some incredible features. 

Battery Life is the biggest draw for the GSP 370

I wouldn’t say the gaming headset market is saturated but at the same time, a headset needs that ‘something’ to set itself apart. In the case of the GSP 370, that ‘something’ is it’s gobsmacking 100 hour battery life. When I first read that, the words leapt of the page. That was the USP that instantly grabbed my attention. I am ashamed to say the cynic in me wanted to test this out as I could not believe a premium wireless gaming headset battery could last this long…

I am pleased to be able to say that the promise of up to 100 hours of battery life is lived up to. I was thrilled when I discovered this was not just some marketing ploy with some hidden small text, it’s the real deal. I counted ever so slightly under 100 hours before the battery died but that did not include idle time I left the headset on. 

With other gaming headsets, I’m in the habit of charging them overnight. Admittedly, there are some nights I forget and this proves troublesome the next day. The GSP 370 completely eliminates that problem. 

The GSP 370 is sleek and elegant

Gaming headsets can sometimes suffer from being a bit too ‘gamey’ with their looks. Slowly but surely, the market has been veering away from this and the GSP 370 exemplifies what can be achieved when you focus on making a great looking headset, not a great looking gaming headset. The GSP 370 features an almost all-plastic design which in itself doesn’t exude quality but the quality of plastic as well as the gunmetal grey finish certainly does.

The 370 is noticeable sleeker than its older brother, the 670. Comparatively, the 370 weighs in a lot lighter. After a few hours of use, the 670 could sometimes cause some strain on the head due to its weight. Conversely, the 370 can be worn seamlessly for hours with no such strain. The only downside is the design could be a bit more streamlined as it does appear slightly ‘boxy’ as it is now. 

Features and performance

For a medium-high end gaming headset, you can expect a fair range of features to justify that price tag. Firstly, the 370 features a low-latency connection transmits with near-zero delay. Ergonomically, the 370 features a flexible microphone boom arm with ‘lift to mute’ function, split padded headband for reduced pressure, a clever ball-joint hinge that makes it easy to perfectly angle the ear cups, and memory foam ear pads deliver comfort and ambient noise isolation.

The GSP 370 packs a punch in the audio department. It can deliver frequencies between the 20–20,000 Hz ranges. Here, like the GSP 670, the headset really does shine. I recently picked up DOOM: Eternal for some late-night demon-slaying and the audio quality of the GSP 370 really came to life. From the awesome heavy metal soundtrack to the sound of pulling guts out of demons, the 370 delivered the sort of audio experience one would expect at this price range: premium. 

The bass packs a good punch without resorting to distortion. The highs and lows are delivered well to distinguish sounds. The sound is smooth and clean and I was pleased to see the intermittent crackling issue present in the GSP 670 model is not present here. Overall, it was a pleasant, powerful audio experience expertly delivered by some of the most trustworthy sound engineers in the business. 

Mic quality is where I would expect it to be at this price range. It’s nothing amazing but it more than gets the job done. The GSP 370 features a noise-canceling microphone, which actively minimises background noise and can be muted by simply lifting the boom arm. I am especially fond of the noise-cancelling feature due to the fact it eliminates background noise which is especially useful in comm-heavy games such as first person shooters, battle royales etc. 

Some features are limited to PC

To get the most out of EPOS’ GSP 370, it’s recommended you use them whilst gaming on PC. Whilst the PS4 audio quality doesn’t suffer, it does lack some of the features that PC gamers will enjoy using with this headset. Through what EPOS call The Gaming Suite, you can easily choose between preset audio profiles created for various game genres. Or you can dive in and tweak the audio in your stereo or 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. As aforementioned, all these extra features and tweaks are limited to use on the PC, whilst PS4 users will miss out. 

Final thoughts

All in all, EPOS have delivered a great headset which is most unique in the fact it boasts a 100 hour battery life. Every headset needs something to help it stand out and that certainly is the biggest draw for the GSP 370. It’s competitive enough in the other areas such as audio, features etc. But its market-leading in the battery life department.

*We are grateful to EPOS for providing a review unit of the GSP 370 for the purpose of this review. You can buy the GSP 370 from the EPOS website here.*

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