Great UI: Shortcut to Users’ Hearts

Every minute of every day we are surrounded by a wide range of technological devices: smartphones, personal computers and tablets, gaming consoles, and much more. Do you know what distinguishes these devices from those, which have sunk into oblivion? The answer is simple: they were created with humans in mind.

User interface design refers to the outlook of software and applications. It concerns creating how things look like, keeping in mind usability, and user experience. To put it simpler, the user interface is a set of features that allow customers to interact with the device. For example, a text box, buttons, drop-down menus, and other components.

Lately, the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences launched an exhibition called Interface: people, machines, and design. It shows how manufacturers, designers, and consumers influence the development of the user interface. And here are the main features that allow modern software and apps to have a top-notch user interface: importance, consistency, accessibility, intuitiveness, and attractiveness. Let’s discuss some of them in more detail.

Understand your audience

The first and most important element is understanding the audience. The better you know their cravings and desires, the more effective decisions you can make. This concerns not only statistics (i.e. the number of downloads, the total sum spent, etc.) but also how the audience behaves with a particular type of software or website, what they are looking for the most, as well as their hobbies and beliefs.

Obtaining such information greatly helps with understanding how to simplify customers’ lives and provide the necessary information in a matter of seconds. When you know the audience, it’s much simpler to create relevant content and use it in the app or on the website. Thus, your product will become more transparent, credible, and accessible. By the way, these are the three pillars of a successful product.

Once you collect data on the audience, use it for setting timelines and developing the most appropriate solutions for a particular project. But remember that its necessary to make new research for every project. Have you noticed that interface in iDebit payment service for gambling on mobile phones is very user-friendly and nicely developed and meets all the requirements? The reason is simple: this interface is based on thorough research and analysis of a particular niche. User interface and user experience go hand in hand, so find out exactly how your audience feels by conducting user experience research. You can get redirected here for more information and access to free survey software too.

User interface should be consistent

Consistency is another important feature of a great user interface. It makes sure that all of the elements are united and act as one whole. All of the parts should behave similarly and look the same. Such an approach helps users to evaluate the interface and creates a feeling of familiarity, control, and trust. To apply consistency in the user-interface design, developers and designers should comply with user-interface behaviors and guidelines, and to be consistent with similar websites or applications. Another important feature of consistency is making sure that all products of your company follow the same structure and design. This makes the brand recognizable.

It should be easy to navigate

A successful product won’t do without clear and simple navigation. Users should find it easy to explore your website or app without worrying about pressing the wrong button. Even if your product is complex, make sure it’s self-evident and transparent.
Here are the most important features of a product’s navigation:

  • Give visual hints. These elements act like reminders and allow users exploring the interface without any problems. These visual elements include page titles, highlights of certain parts, and other visual elements, They immediately point users where they are at the exact moment. Users don’t have to feel lost or puzzled when utilizing your software or website;
  • Be predictable. It’s rather important for users to predict the outcome of a particular action. To achieve such a result you need to name all the buttons, give step-by-step guides, and provide a clear but effective navigation map.

The market of software, applications, and websites is highly competitive and constantly evolving. That is why customers will always choose a product that is simpler to use. Understanding how to improve user-interface will help you to increase sales and gain the hearts of the audience. Use our simple but effective guidelines and you’ll always remain at the forefront of the industry.

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