Top 5 Things we Want to See in GTA VI

It recently emerged that GTA V, first released back in 2013, had passed the 130,000,000 sales mark. Take a second to be in awe at that figure. Even the best of current generation games reach 10%, 20% of that figure but it is by far and large the most successful entertainment product ever made. In fact, GTA V sold 10,000,000 copies since February 2020, again just an awe-inspiring feat. 

Given the mammoth success of GTA V, fans probably shouldn’t expect GTA VI for another few years yet. However, that doesn’t stop us excitedly waiting for the next game. Given our excitement, here’s 5 things we wish to see in GTA VI.

Co-op Story Campaign

GTA V featured three main playable characters with Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. GTA V introduced the mechanic that let players seamlessly switch to any of the three characters on-the-fly when off-mission. When you’re not controlling the characters, they go off  and do their own thing. When you do switch to them, you often take control as they’re in the middle of doing something already.

When the game came out, every one of my friends got GTA V. It was a rare instance where everybody I gamed with went out and got it day one. The online did not work properly at launch however so we played the single player exclusively for the first couple of days; not that it was a bad thing given how great the campaign is but it became clear there was a somewhat missed opportunity.

Given the fact there’s three playable characters, it made me yearn for co-op functionality in the story campaign. Given a lot of missions feature multiple characters, it would’ve been awesome to run through those missions and experience them with a small group of friends. Given the success of GTA Online and its co-op missions, maybe it’s not too far fetched to wish for some co-op in the campaign in GTA VI.

Faster load times

Given the gigantic scope of GTA V, it was no surprise to find it suffered from long loading times. However, when these loading times last a few minutes and break up a lot of activities in-game, it certainly becomes a persistent annoyance. Since we can assume GTA VI will take that size and scale of the world to a whole new level, one thing we wish for is that we aren’t made to suffer with long loading times again.

Thankfully, by the time GTA VI (should) come out, it will be on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. As we know, both consoles feature SSD, a first for home video game consoles. Next generation SSD’s are made with”instantaneous” load times in mind. It’s all about game performance: the SSD allows games to load entire areas pretty much instantly. Both Sony and Microsoft have put a lot of emphasis on eliminating load times but let’s see how they handle what should be a mammoth game again in GTA VI.


For years and years, the doors to the GTA Online casino were blocked with an “Opening Soon” sign that clearly didn’t really mean soon. Players speculated for years about what thrills would be found behind those closed doors. All that waiting came to an end when the Diamond Casino & Resort in the downtown Vinewood area of GTA Online flung open its doors. 

The casino proved to be worth the wait. Allowing players to convert their GTA cash into chips, there was a whole range of activities available for players to enjoy. You can also enjoy a kasinobonus right now! Chips could be played at the slot machines, virtual horse races, at a variety of classic table games such as Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette, and more. When you take a break, there’s always the casino bar to enjoy a drink at. 

The high-rollers can gain entry to the two circular VIP-only lounge areas located towards the back of the casino. Here, players can sit and smoke cigarettes, and drink either vodka or beer. Players with no membership or only the standard one cannot enter this area and will be turned around if they try doing so. The Casino is a landmark of GTA Online now so we wish to see it return even bigger and better in GTA VI. 

More than one City 

At the time of the Xbox 360 release, I was simply amazed by the look and scale of Los Santos. Never before had I seen a city in a video game so faithfully recreated given the limitations of the hardware at the time. Since GTA skipped the current generation of Xbox One and PS4, that means it could be near a decade until we see GTA VI on even newer consoles.

Given the technological advances in the hardware, we would love to see more than one city to provide a variety of landscapes in GTA VI. Los Santos was a marvel on the Xbox 360 but years later and seeing other games like Red Dead Redemption 2, it simply does not hold up anymore. Whilst there have been many rumours of where GTA VI will be set, we just hope it has more than one setting. 

A return to Vice City

Following on from the last point, if we do indeed see multiple cities in GTA VI then can we please get Vice City, Rockstar. For many, Vice City was somewhat of a high-point for the series. Front the iconic neon aesthetic to the soundtrack, Vice City is a game setting very hard to forget. 

Recent rumours have pointed to a return to Vice City in GTA VI but it’s all unconfirmed at this point. It’s also not clear if GTA VI will be set in modern-day like GTA V was or will return to a different decade like Vice City in the 70s/80s. Out of all the GTA games I have played, Vice City is the most memorable setting and in an age of bringing things back, we’d love to see Vice City in all its glory. 

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