Rainbow’s Newest North American Formatting

A  brand new format, new and improved for competitive Esports has just recently  been announced alongside Rainbow Six Siege’s pro scene.  4 of the major regions being what you normally would hear, see, and experience if you’re an avid Rainbow watcher. North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the European Esports scene is what makes up those 4 major regions.Each of these regions having their very own dedicated server side clients, along with their very own format. Globally speaking, the competitive year refreshes each year,four of the independent regions are reset  accordingly as well.If any qualifiers  end up wanting to shoot their shot at hitting it  big time,  their  best chance would be at the next / current major that goes on at the end of the year. If you, and your team make it to the top 4 of your region, you will be invited to make it into the finals, hosting 16 of the best teams globally. 

Depending on how high your region ranks up at the end of the competitive year, you will  get placement points, and the top 16 teams with the highest amount of points on a global scale will automatically  qualify for the 6th Invitational, 4 of the bottom / lower ranking teams will be  given a chance at redemption to prove themselves and make their way into this invitational as well, through the Regional Open Qualifiers, making the total  amount of teams allowed to play, or compete in the Invitational a total of 20 teams. 

The best of the best will show up, and show out and prove that their team is something to be reckoned with; and on the top of the leaderboards, the North American League currently has 8 teams in the United States division,  and having 4 in the Northern Canada division, each of these having their  very own format. With all of that being said, Ubisoft  has made an official statement  updating their formatting system to be Double GSL Format, with every match being a BO3 ( Best of Three ).

Both sides of the North American teams will  be split up into two different groups, Group A and Group B, both being randomized,  being spread throughout the course of 5 days, with an average of 2 matches per day, with the Double GSL Format coming into play now, these Groups will play their games like normal, and then be played in Double Elimination and EACH game matters more than the next, having their scores being tallied up by the end of those 5 days, using the point system to evaluate which teams have hit the Top 4 for that split,  and which ones hit the Bottom 4 respectively. Thus creating ANOTHER two separate groups, Group A and Group B again. Group A matches determine the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placements, and Group B doing the same for the latter half of the ranking. 

Canada’s division will only have one grouping, having the players play one game a day throughout the course of 5 weeks, a BO3, Double GSL Format, just like the North American divisions. If you’re on the North American side of the invitational, if you rank 3rd and above, you will automatically be qualified for entering the majors, although if you’re on the bottom half of these match results, you will have to face the  other bottom half of the players for your chance to be the 4th, and final, spot in the major

All of these regions will qualify for the finals. Every region gains points, respectively, based on how well they perform in their said matches, along with how high they place. Just like other genres of finals, the finals will take course throughout multiple days and will name the champions, but before they can do that and crown  their champion; the first round of relegations will take place. Placing the last place Canadaian division up versus the first placing canada challenger league, along with, and not forgetting about North America, they’ll have the last placing US Division  team going up against the first placing US Division challenger league deciding who will go and stay in the US League ( along with the Canada League ).

With an open ecosystem, meaning you can come from whatever background, circumstance, race, etc., whether or not that means you were previously doing r6 boosting, or if you used to work at McDonald’s for a living, and you found out you were really talented at FPSes, they will accept you in the US Challenger League, Canadian Challenger League, along with every other League available wherever you live.

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