Is The Perfect Place For Esports Betting – Here’s Why

When you’re thinking about esports betting, you want to make sure that you have a place to go that’s guaranteed to give you the best possible options in terms of gaming range, financial return, and ease of use. By 2022, the number of global esports viewers is predicted to rise to around 645 million. Granted, that number contains both esports enthusiasts and casual viewers, but that’s still a pretty impressive total. That’s why now is the perfect time to get into esports betting, but where should you start? What kind of platform should you head to if you want to get the best possible esports betting experience no matter your level of expertise?

The answer is simple: you should head to ESB – It’s a site that compiles all the best esports betting platforms around and gives you the highest odds possible, but it doesn’t just do that; it also contains beginner guides, match fixtures, and other important statistics that you need to know as an esports lover. ESB is the perfect platform for anyone who’s looking to become a professional esports bettor and anyone who simply wants to indulge in a bit of esports betting for fun, so no matter who you are, if you want to start your esports journey, we strongly recommend you start here. Let’s take a look at why is the perfect platform for this nascent discipline.

It’s an unbiased look at the esports betting scene

Unlike many websites, which may have their own horse in the race (no pun intended), is an aggregate site. That means it gathers together a lot of different esports betting portals and tells you which ones are offering good rates or beginner bonuses that are favourable to you. As such, you can rely on ESB to give you an unbiased look at what’s happening around esports betting and to recommend sites to you based on what’s best for you rather than what suits their own bottom line. No matter which game you like to bet on, you can be sure that ESB will give you the best website to go to in order to get the best betting experience for that game.

The design is great

The principles of good web design indicate that your website should clearly communicate its purpose and that it should be nice to look at. We think that ESB pretty clearly hits those pre-requisites; it communicates clearly what you can expect when you land on the homepage and the design is eye-catching and compelling. When you’re trying to find a good esports betting portal, the most important thing is for the site you’re browsing to show you that you’ve made the right decision by visiting it. clearly espouses that principle, and for that reason we think it’s better-designed than its competitors.

Every game is represented

The esports scene is massively diverse, containing within its ranks MOBAs, first-person shooters, strategy games, and everything else you could possibly play in a competitive fashion. ESB presents and revels in that diversity, so no matter what kind of game you favour for your esports betting adventure, you can bet (no pun intended) that it’ll be represented on Even slightly less popular esports titles like Gears of War, Artifact, and World of Tanks have a presence on ESB, so if you’re someone who likes to wander off the beaten path when it comes to your esports, you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

The site is run by esports enthusiasts

ESB counts among its staff “a hardworking team of esports enthusiasts and ex-pro players” who have both a strong passion for esports gaming and an interest in esports betting. The site promises that its staff have a “high level of insight” into what makes esports tick, as well as combined skills that make their level of expertise perfect for you if you’re getting started in the world of esports betting. There’s nobody better to tell you where you should put your money when you’re betting on esports than ex-professionals who know the games and know the discipline, so make sure you don’t get into esports betting without hitting up ESB first!

ESB offers a comprehensive betting guide

Sometimes, it can be fairly intimidating to get into the world of esports, especially if you’re completely new to the scene. offers a comprehensive introductory guide to help you get into esports betting. The guide begins by explaining exactly what esports betting entails, then goes on to explain how you can get the best ROI (return of investment) with certain strategies and approaches to esports betting. You’ll also find a range of video guides if you’re more visually-oriented. To put it simply, no other website offers the same breadth of tutorial as ESB does. It’s the best place for beginners and pros alike to be.

You can get to know the staff

Unlike many other sites which keep their staff members hidden, is more than happy for you to meet the principal players in its About section. There, you can learn that the founder, “Jarhead”, is a marketing specialist who grew up with gaming and whose first PC was a 286 machine. There’s plenty more info regarding the staff members of in the About writeup, so make sure you head over there and take a look if you want to see the faces behind the site! You won’t find many other esports betting websites which are so transparent in terms of who exactly is involved with them, so this is another boon in ESB’s favour.

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