Here is a Beginner’s Guide on Valorant Game

Valorant is one of the Riot Games’ newest shooter. Unlike other Rio games, Valorant is a tactical shooter, closer to Counter-Strike. This, therefore, means that accuracy is fundamental, teamwork is critical, while every bullet has the potential to be lethal. If you’ve never played a tactical shooter before, we’ve got a few tips to help you before you dive in.

Make Silent Motions

Whenever you run in Valorant, your footsteps make noise, and any nearby enemy will hear you. To overcome all that noise you should walk instead of running by holding Shift. Walking is slower, but it will make you more accurate if you need to shoot quickly before you stop, letting you and the rest of your team sneak up to enemy positions. It is necessary according to the valorant rank boost,  for you to be walking almost everywhere you go in Valorant unless you know there are no enemies near you or unless the enemy already knows where you are, or you have to get somewhere in a hurry. If you are assured that your enemies aren’t around and want to move quickly, switch to your knife since it’s faster than running with a gun out.

Make accurate Shots

It would help if you tried to avoid shooting while running at all costs since you know that shooting accurately and running don’t mix in Valorant. If you see an enemy you want to shoot while running; it’s important to stop moving entirely before firing. It may take a while for your aim to settle, but the more you get used to it, the better you’ll get when your shot is accurate and when it won’t. You will need more practice to gain this skill down, but running and shooting at the same time is probably the most frequent mistake that new Valorant players will make. It’s true that when you’re walking, your first few shots will remain accurate, just like if you were standing still. Therefore if you’re walking and see an enemy, you can instantly start firing.

Save Your Creds safely

For the beginners of Valorant, it can be tempting to buy weapons and abilities before every round, spending whatever Creds you own. However, that is not the way; instead, you should save your Creds for better buys and sync with your team. Any time you survive around, you should keep the weapons you ended the round with and grab it before the round ends.  Abilities often carry over from round to round if you don’t use them, meaning that any armor that doesn’t get destroyed will go with you to the next round.

Make Armor to be part of your Full Buy Rounds

Buying Guns is the most exciting thing to do in Valorant, but guns are only necessary if you’re alive to make use of them. Buying armor doesn’t feel like the cool thing to do, but it is the right decision. Without armor, your 100 hit points would be short-lived. As part of a valorant rank boost, make armor to be part of your Full Buy Rounds by prioritizing it over the best weapons if you can’t afford both. There are two types of armor, both of which absorb 70% of damage taken.

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