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One of the best franchises to come about during the last console generation was undeniably Bioshock. Everyone has a different favorite between Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite and there is an argument to be made for each one. My personal favorite will always be the original Bioshock but I have fond memories of all three. It’s been awhile since I dove into these games but 2K Games and developer Virtuos have no ported the Bioshock Collection to the Nintendo Switch giving me the perfect reason to check them out again.

Bioshock: The Collection comes with Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite along with all of the downloadable content that was released for all three. Bioshock 2 does not however contain the multiplayer mode that was in the original release. For those who picked this collection up on the PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox One you’ll already know that mode was dropped. I’m going to talk about each of these games separately for those who haven’t played them and then I’ll touch on how they all run on the Nintendo Switch. The original Bioshock’s story follows a man named Jack whose plane has just crashed into the ocean. He then finds a building housing a Bathysphere that brings him down into the underwater city known as Rapture.

Rapture will always be one of the most memorable video game locations to me due to the way that Ken Levine designed it to feel like a character itself. This dystopian, run down city has so much detail in it and has fantastic environmental storytelling. I won’t talk about the story any more for those who may have yet to play it. Those who have know that going into this game knowing as little as possible is the best way to experience it. While you explore Rapture, you’ll run into Splicers who are the human populace that have modified themselves. The other iconic enemies from the game are the Big Daddies who are very tough and still so much fun to fight. The last character type I need to call out are the Little Sisters who the Big Daddies protect with their lives. During the game when you encounter the Little Sisters you are given the choice to either save them or harvest them. Both have their benefits so it’s really up to your moral compass to choose which to do.

All three games are first-person shooters and in all three you are armed with both an arsenal of guns along with plasmids which are special powers you can cast. Guns include shotguns, machine guns, a crossbow, pistol, and more. The Plasmids can be used in fights against your enemies and out of fights to help clear things in the environment. One of these is Electro Bolt which lets you send out lightning bolts from your fingers to fry your enemies. Another is called Enrage which causes the enemy you cast it on to turn and attack the other enemies. Then you have Insect Swarm that sends out a swarm of insects which will damage and distract the nearest enemy. Cyclone Trap lets you a spot on the ground which will send enemies flying if they step on it. I really enjoyed diving back into Rapture and toying around with all these different powers once again.

Bioshock 2 probably has my least favorite story out of the three but I still think quite highly of it nonetheless. This game has you in Rapture once again but this time you play as Subject Delta who is one of the Big Daddies. Your overall mission in this game is to find your Little Sister who you’ve been separated from. The gameplay here is pretty much the same as the first game which is probably why it is my least favorite of the three. Bioshock Infinite takes you to an entirely new location so because Bioshock 2 has you right back in Rapture from the first game it loses some of that magic. You are given some new weapons to use as the Big Daddy and there are some fun new enemies like the Big Sisters. The story DLC for Bioshock 2 called Minerva’s Den is quite good though and was written by the same guy who wrote Gone Home. If you skipped on the DLC in the original release be sure to play it here.

Bioshock Infinite rounds us out and takes you to a city in the clouds called Columbia. Here you play as Booker DeWitt and is searching for a girl named Elizabeth. Columbia is the exact opposite of Rapture when it comes to aesthetic as instead of being in a dark, underwater city you are in a sunny, sky-high city with different parts being connected by sky rails that you can traverse with your Sky-Hook. You get a lot of the same types of guns you had in the other games but also some new ones such as a Sniper Rifle, Crank Gun, Volley Gun, and more. You also get Vigors which are this game’s version of the Plasmids. Some of these include Bucking Bronco which will cause enemies to levitate, Murder of Crows which sends a swarm of crows after your foes, Charge which causes you to quickly ram into your enemies, and more. You also get the Burial at Sea Part 1 and Part 2 expansions which are also well worth playing once you’ve finished Bioshock Infinite.

Now as for how these three games run on the Nintendo Switch, I must say I was very impressed by the performance. I played all three on both my TV and in portable mode and the games ran great doing both. You get a 1080p image when playing docked and a 720p image when playing in portable mode. What you don’t get is the 60fps that was in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions with the Switch having to opt for 30fps instead. It sticks to the frame rate most of the time as I only encountered some minor drops occasionally. The audio is also fantastic here whether it be the soundtracks and sound effects in all three games to or the outstanding voice actor performances.  

Bioshock: The Collection has made the transition over to the Nintendo Switch as one of the best ports on the system. These are three of the best games of the last console generation so if you haven’t played them yet it’s hard to not recommend this. The only thing going against it for newcomers is that you can get this same collection on other platforms for a cheaper price and it will run and look better. For those who would like to explore Rapture and Columbia portably though I’ll just say this: would you kindly pick this collection up?

*Bioshock: The Collection is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Reviewed on Nintendo Switch. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Bioshock: The Collection





  • Three of the best first-person shooters ever made
  • All three stories will stay with you for a long time
  • Excellent environmental storytelling
  • All three games look and run great on the Switch
  • Tons of content that will last you dozens of hours


  • More expensive and not as impressive as other versions that are available
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