Pokemon Café Mix is a Free to Play Game Coming to Nintendo Switch on June 23

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have announced a new Pokemon game called Pokemon Café Mix.

The game will be a free-to-play title and will launch on the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on June 23. You can watch the first trailer and read more about it below.

Complete touch-based puzzles to serve dishes and drinks to adorable Pokemon customers!

Link together Pokemon icons to clear puzzles as you work to build up your very own cafe in Pokemon Cafe Mix, a free-to-start game for the Nintendo Switch system! Meet the goals for each puzzle before you run out of turns—link a certain number of icons, get a high score, or even destroy sugar cubes to serve up Pokemon-themed menu items.

Meet and grow your cafe staff of charming Pokemon eager to help

Recruit Pokemon to help out at the cafe (in their adorable uniforms) by building friendship and expand your cafe and menu offerings by completing puzzles. Each Pokemon staff member has a Cafe Skill that will come in handy during puzzles!

Golden Acorns can help you complete puzzles and recruit more Pokemon!

Earn or purchase Golden Acorns, the in-game currency, and redeem them to regain hearts, continue puzzles, and get helpful items.

As you complete puzzles to build a world-class cafe, you’ll face obstacles such as sugar cubes, dollops of whipped cream, and tomatoes! Use your puzzle skills to clear them and employ the help of Pokemon’s Cafe Skills for some extra oomph! In addition to Cafe Skills, each Pokemon staff member has a specialty. Match a Pokemon’s specialty with the dish or drink you are making for bonuses in puzzles.

Once a day you can invite two randomly-selected Pokemon to your cafe. Looking for a specific Pokemon to join your staff? With Golden Acorns you can refresh this selection.

In addition to recruiting more Pokemon staff members and growing your collection of menu items, the cafe itself will expand as you play! Getting new tools or having areas added to your cafe may even draw in more customers. All the action in Pokemon Cafe Mix unfolds in a playful art style that brings out the cuteness of your Pokemon pals and patrons. It’s time to become a cafe owner, solve puzzles, and bring joy to Pokemon patrons!

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