Best Engagement Rings For Short Fingers

Finding the best ring for your finger can be difficult. This task can be as daunting as getting the right dress to wear for your wedding day. This is because you want to find a ring that fits your style and the shape of your hand at the same time. Take time and read through this article. Use the tips here to guide you when you start shopping.


Choosing the right setting is crucial when you are shopping for a ring. Some settings work well with almost any size of fingers. A solitaire setting works wonders on any finger no matter the shape or size of the ring. This classical style is perfect for short fingers because it has minimal design. You can also choose to incorporate a bezel setting to the design of the ring. A bezel setting will encircle the gemstone and make it pop out and catch the eye.

A ring with a three-stone design will also work well if you want to increase the amount of shine on your ring. When shopping, choose a ring with a setting that has a center gem with smaller gems surrounding it instead of three gems of the same size. The smaller side stones will look shinier on a short finger. 


One of the biggest advantages of short fingers is that small gemstones will look much more substantial on your ring. This does not mean that a bigger gemstone is always the best for your center stone. You should always consider the size of your finger when choosing the center stone because if it is a diamond and it surpasses 2 carats, then the gemstone will start to look disproportional.

Go for a center gem that is modest in size, it can look larger depending on the size of the band and color you choose to use. For example, if you go for a halo setting you must ensure the center stone is small in size. It is important to do this because it will create enough space on your ring to accommodate a halo design without being too extravagant.

Type of Band 

A thick band is not the best for short fingers. This is because a thick band takes more space and will end up making short fingers look even shorter and stout. If you are thinking of covering your ring’s band with diamonds or any other gemstones, go for gems that are pave set. If you have less metal on your ring, the lighter it will feel on your finger.

Right Cut

Choosing the right cut for any rings jewelry is important. You might think that a round diamond or gemstone is always an ideal choice for any type of ring, but that is not true. An oval gemstone is the best for short fingers. If set well on a thin metal band, it will make your finger look longer and give off a feminine appearance. Try as much as you can to avoid a ring that has a marquise or pear-shaped design. These designs work well on long, slender fingers.


Choose a ring that has a simple wedding band and try to avoid rings that have a stacked, detailed design. This is because they have less room for multiple bands to reside. Remember, a simple elegant design is always in style. A slender wedding band will impart a classy design that works best for short hands.

If you have short fingers, there are many options that you can choose from. Go for a simple, elegant style that is classy and you will be surprised by how your engagement ring will stand out. Go out there and put the tips in this article into good use as you shop.

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