First-Person Puzzle Game Maquette Announced for PS5, PS4, and PC

Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Graceful Decay have announced their new first-person puzzle game Maquette.

Maquette will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can watch the new trailer and read more about it below.

Maquette is a first-person recursive puzzle game that takes you into a world where every building, plant, and object are simultaneously tiny and staggeringly huge. Maquette makes it possible by twisting the world into itself recursively in an MC Escher-esque fashion.

Head to the center of the world and you’ll feel like a giant, towering over buildings and walls. But venture further out, and start to feel small as things get larger and larger—to the point where cracks in the ground become chasms.

In Maquette you will explore the scales of everyday problems in a modern-day love story. Where sometimes the smallest of issues can become insurmountable obstacles.

Key Features

Solve puzzles by changing the scale of objects and the world to find creative solutions in a world nested inside of itself recursively.

A modern love story scattered through magical game play.

Seven unique chapters filled with interactive puzzles to solve and awe-inspiring architecture environments to explore.

A soundtrack featuring musicians and songs connected to the story’s central location of San Francisco.

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