5 Effective Ways to Edit your Gaming Videos

Gamers worldwide have become a rage on social media platforms, like Youtube, creating the best game clips and setting a separate fan base.

Be it the outright display of skills or situations beyond imagination that only a video game can create; gamers work on producing excellent game clips. If you are a gamer, aspiring to make a career on the social media platforms, it is best to explore what kind of video game highlights you can share with your audience. Here are a few fantastic tips to achieve highly-customized highlights after quality video game editing.

Record Gaming Videos with Right Settings

It is a known fact that when games run poorly on your computer, they will produce poor quality gaming videos. Any texture pop-ups and glitches that typically occur in video games will be part of the video file, created at the time of screen recording.

Hence, before you start playing the game on your PC, ensure its working condition, so that your PC can maintain at least 1080p resolution with nearly 60 frames/ second.

Set Appropriate Color Settings

Correct color settings can make your video game recordings look more appealing.

You can adjust the color settings in the video effects section of your editor. It gives you options to change the brightness and contrast. Try adjusting the saturation levels and check the preview of the recording, for better clarity.

Experts suggest using combinations of 30%/20% and 20%/15% for brightness-contrast settings since they provide refined details.

Trim Your Lengthy Gaming Videos

In the case of lengthy gaming videos, the file sizes are enormous, and gamers face trouble posting them online.

In such cases, you need to cut your videos into smaller chunks and then edit them. The latest software tools can handle mp4 file format, making your trimmed videos compatible and ready for a hassle-free upload on the online platforms.

Well-trimmed highlights can maintain interest over whatever you are going to post. Such videos can create excellent engagement on social media platforms, for events as common as college basketball.

Add Perfect Transitions and Effects

Significant transitions and effects can raise the bars of your video highlights by manifolds.

If your large video files have multiple parts, you can add appealing transitions and effects to every portion, creating impressive quality levels. When you incorporate unique transition effects, your video game highlights look professional, and your audience is sure to appreciate them.

Enhance Your Game Highlights with Appealing Audio

Nothing can be more annoying than mute online game highlights. Such videos do not make sense to your audience, who watch your videos for the sheer thrill of it. And the right audio can keep the momentum, holding your viewers on the edge of their seats.

Running your commentary in the video background is an excellent way to set the right energy levels. Use high-quality gaming headsets to record your voice. Also, you can include unique audio pieces to enhance your video standards.

Gaming highlights can take your audience to an entirely different world, giving you an excellent opportunity to show your skills. Ensure your equipment and accessories are working fine for recording your gaming sessions. After making proper edits, check the preview before uploading your gaming highlights on the affluent social media platforms.

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