How to Play OSRS Games and its Benefits


Old school Runescape (OSRS) is considered as a fantasy game that consists of multiplayer. These players play the game online. It has published by Jagex on 22nd February 2013. Indeed, this game had built in August 2007 with the name of Runescape. The improvements related to the engine, new contents, and updates have decided in-game polls. Old school Runescape has a wide number of players and also compatible with both iOS and Android users.

Furthermore, its mobile version has launched in October 2018. Its security measures are very strict and also ban or remove false players. Initially, it was a browser game that has been designed particularly with Java programming language. As well as, it had more than 200 million accounts created by players. Moreover, it has also set the Guinness World Records as the largest MMORPG.

Some Subscriber Benefits

OSRS game is available very easily and free to play. It has a lot of benefits to its subscribers. Such as:

  • Players can find a world map 3X larger than others.
  • They can also receive more than 7 additional skills.
  • They get the chance to receive more quests.
  • They also get the benefit of more than 400 extra bank accounts slots.
  • It consists of a one-month subscription and its cost is very affordable for every player.

Additionally, you can also buy runescape gold safe with many other benefits at a very low cost and enjoy the game.

How to play OSRS

It is a fantasy realm that consists of the world of Gielinor and it has distributed into various kingdoms. As well as, it has also divided into numerous religions and cities. The player needs to travel throughout Gielinor with the help of a magical spell, foot, or charter ship. As a player, you’ll find different types of monster’s quests to compete with other players.

Besides, players have to customize just like avatars and set their objects and goals against other players. But they can also get the option to select the non-player character monsters and can complete the quest. You can easily get experience and enhance your skills. As well as. You can also get the facility to interact with other payers through trading and chatting. Some mini-games and activities are very competitive.

Guidance to start Game

Players need to start the OSRS game with a secluded area that has shown in the tutorial. They have to set their path to learning the basics of the game. After that, you’ll receive the guidance related to town and information about respective skills.


OSRS has included 28 skills in which 17 skills are free to play. On the other side, remaining skills are only available for the members. Moreover, players can cater to experience points while using different skills. These skills are very important to raise the level of your game. Moreover, you can also find better raw material for retrieving and also generate better products. The skills mainly discriminate against the status of the player. As well as, subscribers can get to gain the highest scores in the game. Also, players can buy some special cape or OSRS gold that will symbolize the achievement.

These OSRS skills have various aspects like woodcutting and fishing, fletching and cooking, and so on. In these skills, payers have to collect some raw material and create some useful things. As well as, your created items can be sold to other players. Additionally, players have to move around the map and build their own houses. They also need to steal the numerous NCP’s from the market and stalls and also require cooking their food. Moreover, Players also have to create their weapons, crafts, potions, hunt animals, and many other things to do.


Combat is the most important feature of the game and consists of a semi-real-time system. It allows the players to fight against monsters and to finish the quest. It shows the power of the player and also describes the combat skills. As a player, you can also use some special attack abilities that help to deal with damage and boost the combat powers. Additionally, it has distributed into three parts named melee, magic, and ranged. These parts have several features that help to focus on runestones. You can also receive various weapons and armors. It also consists of some life point system that provides the maximum capacity of life points. As well as, you can also restore your skill points and certain items.


Quests are considered as the series of tasks that players choose to finish. It has included levels in certain skills, quest point combat levels, and many more. As well as, players can also get some rewards and increase the game experience. Quests are distributed in the different requirements and difficulty level. Once the players complete the quests, they can claim for a reward that is known as “Quest Point Cape”. It is a very interesting game and very easy to play for everyone. You just require a good internet connection and it is also compatible with phones and air pads.

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