Baby Dino Adventures Preview

Game development tools are improving year after year and it has sparked the passion in some people in such a way… that they’re actually crazy enough to attempt making a game entirely by themselves.

One such game is being made right here in Belgium, my home country, and Antoine Guedes is creating his cute 2D pixel-art platformer all on his own. Reason enough for me the check it out and see how the game is coming along!

The steaks are high

You play as a lost baby T-Rex looking for his lost parents and you must use your skills to hop from platform to platform, solve some (light) puzzles along the way and make new allies throughout adventure by stomping on their heads (Don’t do this in real life: it’s frowned upon!)

It’s immediately obvious though, that Baby Dino Adventures aims for gamers of all ages. The game is completely violence-free as you don’t even defeat enemies by jumping on them, instead, this befriends them. Even the collectable steaks you pick up from the destroyed boxes can be replaced by broccoli in the settings, making sure that the experience is open to everyone, including vegans.

Snailed it! Our little friend is saved from a spiky death

You’ll probably end up revisiting each level a couple of times if you’re a completionist: there are hidden passages and hard to reach places that hide many of the game’s collectables. Each level has a varying number of boxes to jump on and one well-hidden egg. The steaks/broccoli you collect will probably also serve some kind of purpose, but it’s not yet clear what that will be.

Don’t let the cutesy look and child-friendly set-dressing fool you though: there is some challenge to be found in this platformer: if you fall down a pit, it’s back to the start for you with all boxes reset. The same thing will happen if you take too many hits from enemies like the bees or the pea shooting plants. Luckily the level of challenge is something you’ll be able to configure to your personal tastes in the final version: an easy mode will instead drop you back to a safe distance from where our baby dino met his unfortunate demise.

I recommend you BEE careful around these guys

The Game is currently out in Early Access with only 9 playable levels, but there are plans to have entirely different zones, boss battles and more. In its current state, you can probably complete it all in around 30-40 minutes, if you’re going for all the collectable boxes and eggs.

The current map has nine playable levels

Overall, it’s a fun 2D platformer with some really cute and endearing elements. I’m looking forward to seeing more content being teased in the coming months and I’ll definitely be reviewing it on Xbox when it comes to consoles (should be alongside the Full Steam Release)

If you want to see the game in action, here’s my playthrough:

Or you can always buy the Early Access on Steam and have a go yourself:

Want to keep up-to-date on any developments by this one-man indie game studio? Here are a few places you can follow him:

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