Superhot: Mind Control Delete Review – PlayStation 4

We’ve all played those games where when we get to the end all we want is more of it. That right there is exactly what Superhot: Mind Control Delete is for fans of Superhot. Superhot is of course that hit first-person shooter puzzle game that released back in 2017 where time moves or stops as you do. Mind Control Delete isn’t a full-blown sequel to the original game but rather it was an idea for DLC that grew into its own standalone game.

The first thing I want to point out for those who played Superhot is that you can get this new standalone game for free. If you purchased the original game before Mind Control Delete released then there is absolutely no charge to you which is pretty awesome so go grab it on whatever digital storefront you own the original on. With that out of the way let’s talk about this game. For those new to Superhot it is a game where you are in a virtual reality simulation murdering a bunch of red colored enemies from level to level. The twist is that time operates as you do so when you stop moving so do your enemies, bullets, thrown objects, etc. This is where the puzzle part of the game came in as you would have to figure out how to dodge their attacks while performing your own in order to kill all of them without being hit and dying yourself.

This new standalone game changes up the gameplay quite a bit and ends up feeling more like a roguelike game. When selecting which level to play you are presented with a map full of nodes. Every node has its own set of levels and every set is different than the last so that you don’t go in knowing what to expect. Then there are the Cores and the Hacks that you can select. Cores are a perk that you are allowed to choose one of per node and Hacks are like power-ups and you can pick two random ones between levels. These things can include more health, more bullets, faster movement and so on. There are a lot of cool ones in the game and experimenting with them is a ton of fun. You’ll also need to think on how to best use what you have as there are new enemy types and bosses in this game too that require new strategies. Some enemies can’t be disarmed, some explode in deadly ways, and so on.

Visually if you played the original then you are getting more of the same in that department as well. It still very much has that same minimalistic color style to it and that’s OK by me since this isn’t a full-blown sequel. If they do make one of those one day, I would like them to change it up though as after the original game, the VR version, and this one it is starting to lose its charm. It also ran really well on the PlayStation 4 Pro and I never had any frame rate issues or anything like that. Finally the game has an underlying story to it still but it didn’t make a lot of sense to me not that it really mattered because that’s not really why I enjoy Superhot.

Fans of Superhot should have no doubts in their mind about picking up Mind Control Delete. Mostly because it should be free to them but even if you have to pay for it then it’s well worth it. If you haven’t played Superhot before I recommend playing the original before this one. I really liked being able to take on new challenges each time and try out new types of builds with the Hacks they presented to me and with new enemy types veterans won’t go in knowing how to tackle each situation. Superhot: Mind Control Delete is just more of an already great thing and that’s all I could really ask for out of it.

*Superhot: Mind Control Delete is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review key provided by the publisher for this review.






  • More of the same great Superhot gameplay
  • New enemy types along with Cores and Hacks change up the gameplay in fun ways
  • Visuals are clean and performance is smooth throughout


  • Still not much of a story
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