What makes a good internet connection for Gaming?

If you are into Online Gaming and are wondering what internet connection is best suited for your needs then there are some parameters that you need to understand before making a decision and getting an internet connection.

Know these terms (Download speed, Upload speed, Ping)

There are three main components to making a having a great online gaming experience. These three components are Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Ping. Download speed is the speed of the data that comes to your PC or Console. Upload Speed is the rate with which you send data from your PC or Console to the online server of the game that you want to play. Whereas Ping, also known as Latency is the most crucial aspect of online gaming. Ping is the time it takes to make a round trip of the actions from your PC or Console to the server and back to your device.

The type of game you enjoy matters

The type of game you want to play also determines the type of connection you need. Most E-Sport titles on PC such as Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO), League of Legends(LOL), and Tekken require very little ping and thus a connection which has a stable and low latency connection is a must-have if you want to play these games competitively.

If you want to play an MMORPG such World Of Warcraft (WOW). A low latency internet connection is a good thing to have but not as much as other E-Sport titles. This requires only an internet connection with good download speed and upload speed.

If you are into single-player games then the only thing you need to take under consideration is the download speed as most of the story based single-player games are very large in sizes and require a lot of time to get downloaded on your PC or your console. The Witcher series, Assassin’s Creed series, and other story-driven single-player games take a lot of space even exceeding 50 to 60 GB of data in your system’s storage.

We have tested different internet connections for different games and have found that Ping and download speed to be the most crucial element in having a great gaming experience. Mediacom Internet checks out all of the criteria and has different offers to choose from according to the gaming requirement.

Internet Requirements for various consoles

Console owners can even look into the minimum internet connection requirement offered by their respective console companies.

Xbox One

Microsoft has clearly defined the type of internet connection you need to get to enjoy gaming on their console. The minimum required download speed specified for Xbox One is 3 Mbps (Mega Bits Per Second). The minimum upload speed required is 0.5 Mbps (Mega Bits Per Second). The maximum Ping or Latency your internet connection should have is 150 ms (Millisecond).


Unlike Microsoft, Sony has not clearly defined the type of internet connection needed for online gaming on their console. Sony has written in its manual that a broadband connection is required to play online games on PS4. From our testing an internet connection with speeds and ping similar to the one described for XBOX one are necessary. So we recommend that you get an internet connection with at least 3Mbps of download speed and 1Mbps of upload speed. Ping should be below 150 ms and the connection should be a stable one as well.


Nintendo asks during troubleshooting that if your internet connection is at least 3Mbps download and 1Mbps of upload and if you reply in negative, they suggest you upgrade the internet connection. So, if you are a Nintendo Switch gamer then these should be the minimum speed you should opt for.

Most of the games that are played online even provide the minimum requirement for an internet connection.

You do need to keep in mind that these are the minimum requirement that you need to just run the games online. We would suggest that you get the internet connection based on ping and the download speed according to your gaming needs. If you want to play games with large storage requirements, an internet connection with high download speed is a must or you will have to face large delays when downloading the game or even updating the latest patch that is applied to the game that you are playing.

With all this said search for games that you want to play and are looking to play in the future. Check the size of the game and calculate how much time it would take to download the game on your PC or your console. The decision depends on the type of game that you want to play. The only common requirement is that the internet connection should be stable and provide minimum Ping.

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