What Might We Expect from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

With the latest gameplay trailer at the Ubisoft Forward conference, fans of Assassin’s Creed have received a plethora of information about the upcoming AC Valhalla. As long-time followers of the series, we dove straight in and, so far, the new title seems to have a lot of promise. Slated for release on November 18, we don’t have long to wait, but what might we expect that hasn’t yet been widely reported?


In terms of Xbox, Microsoft was quick to announce that their service will support cross-buy for Valhalla with what it calls its Smart Delivery system. With this, players can purchase the game on an Xbox One while freely receiving another copy if they upgrade to the Xbox Series X. This work in the other direction too, so owners of both systems never have to miss out. Even better, indications are that progress and save files will be freely transferrable.

Sony, unfortunately, has been more closed-lipped about cross-buy potential. Don’t give up all hope yet though, as Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red have already set a PlayStation precedent by offering cross-buy with their upcoming game. Let’s just hope Ubisoft and Sony can hammer out a similar plan.

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Viking Chaos

A big part of the lore of Vikings is their capacity for raiding and violence. While elements of this will surely be exaggerated for the sake of gameplay as is the case in every AC game, Valhalla still looks to offer an experience beyond all others. Given how popular Vikings have been in recent media, an AC game with this setting was probably just a matter of time.

In a contemporary sense, the Viking theme has been given significant traction in just the last few years alone. This reaches as far as the world of online casinos such as Genesiscasino.com/en-in, where slots like Viking Runecraft find themselves placed highly among other favourites such as live casino games. For television, we couldn’t go past the success of the aptly named series Vikings, which itself undoubtedly tested the frigid waters for Valhalla’s ultimate direction.

The question this leaves us with is just how much the game’s story could change to facilitate the brutality the Viking setting implies? Raiding the families of farmers isn’t exactly something you can entirely hand-wave away under the guise of ‘they’re Templars, kill ‘em’, so we have to wonder what kind of justification might be given. Are we still going to be the good guys in Valhalla, or will Ubisoft aim for a darker story in an attempt to branch out into something new?

Eventual Multiplayer?

So far, Ubisoft has said that Valhalla is a mostly single-player experience as mentioned by ladbible.com/technology, but we have to question whether this will always be the case. At this time, the only multiplayer announced comes in the ability to send out teams to help others in their games, but you won’t be able to play with friends directly.

Thing is, the entire concept of building towns and raiding with Viking chums seems tailor-made for both a cooperative and competitive gaming experience. Since Ubisoft has a background with actual real-time multiplayer in prior Assassin’s Creed games, we can’t help but hope that more involved multiplayer is on the cards for a later date.

With only a few months left yet, many of us are already working on potentially awful puns that we can use for the names of our ships and crew. At the very least, we hope we can custom design the graphics on our ships. That way, when November 10 does roll around, we can quickly stamp on a bar code to scan-de-navien. We’ll see ourselves out.

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