Suikoden Spiritual Successor Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Announced; Kickstarter Hopes to Bring Game to PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC

Rabbit & Bear Studios have announced that they are working on a spiritual successor to the Suikoden series called Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

This studio is made up former key creators behind the Suikoden series. The game will start a Kickstarter on July 27 with the goal being to raise $500,000 USD to fund the PC release of the game. There will also be a stretch goal to unlock a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch version.

Some of the key talent behind the game includes Suikoden I and II scenario writer Yoshitaka Murayama and series veterans Osamu Komuta, Junko Kawano, and Junichi Murakami. You can read more about the game below.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is an ode to the classic Japanese RPG genre from the PlayStation era that will feature classic Japanese RPG exploration and battles in high-resolution 2.5D graphics, pixel-based characters, a story of war and friendship, a diverse cast of 100 unique heroes to join the protagonist’s endeavor, and a fortress building system to grow their army.

The game will feature a guild system that allows players to change their fortress attributes based on the guild they join. Battles will be turn-based with parties of up to six members and feature dynamic boss battles that change camera angle and rotate depending on the environment.

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