How Video Games Evolved From The 90s to Today

For those of us who have been born in the 80s and 90s, we are fortunate enough to witness the progression of the events that happened at the culmination of the previous millennium and the dawning of the new millennium. We have seen how technology has changed over time, including the technology behind video games. For a gamer at heart, you can’t help but notice the changes that happened in the past few decades. Here, we’ll contribute to the gaming community some key pieces of information about how video games evolved from the 90s to today.


Console Evolution

One of the most apparent changes that can be observed in the evolution of video games is how video game consoles have looked over the years. The nineties were one of the most colorful decades in console history, as it bore witness to the emergence of a strong gaming industry player: Sony. The consoles that dominated the market during the 90s were from the gaming giants, namely Nintendo, Sega, and Sony. While lesser-known consoles such as the Neo-Geo console and Atari Jaguar were also available at that time, their selling success was overshadowed by that of the big three.

When it comes to standing the test of time, one company notably accomplished this feat: Nintendo. Going as far back as the late 80s where the company released its first home console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), it also proceeded to create handheld consoles called Game Boy during this time. The NES games continued to flourish until the late 90s, where the gaming industry competition started to gain momentum. Nintendo always kept up with or created innovations and trends when it comes to gaming. The years 2000 to 2010 was a good period to test the evolution of Game Boy to Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Its home video game console also took great leaps in improvement when it released GameCube and subsequently, Wii. The 2010 to 2020 period saw further improvements in the Wii consoles and upgrades from competitors such as PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch, returned to its handheld roots by combining portable and home gaming modes in a hybrid console. This development was greatly welcomed by both new and old generations of gamers, making the release of Nintendo Switch a big success.

Game Media Evolution

Your home video game entertainment will not be complete without a game media. Since the 1990s, a lot of changes happened when it comes to video game media used by various popular game consoles. Old school gamers may be familiar with the cartridge media from Nintendo and Sega consoles, while others may be familiar with the CD and DVD media formats popularized by Sony Playstation consoles. It’s not just the appearance of the media that changed, but also the capacity of these media to store games and even save game data. Nintendo Switch is notable for its use of cartridge media, deviating from the popularized media by Playstation and Xbox consoles. Nevertheless, the new generation of gamers are open to such changes and widely embraced the new look of gaming consoles.

Great Improvements in Graphics

Another discernable change that can be observed in video games over the years is the quality of the graphics. From any generation of gamer’s perspective, there is a marked improvement in video game graphics if you compare the various iterations of a certain game title. For example, the pixelated environment and graphics of Super Mario on NES consoles shifting to the colorful, 3D version of Super Mario Odyssey on Switch can show you how far the video game industry has come when it comes to the visual quality of the games. With the possibility of virtual reality gaming in the foreseeable future, the prospects of video games are even more exciting.


In a nutshell, the evolution of video games over the years always comes in a complete package. It’s not just the physical appearance, the media, and the technological features of the consoles that change over time. More importantly, it’s the gaming experience that comes with this evolution in video games.

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