The Future Is Here: What’s Next For Mobile Phones?

If there is one invention in the past 10 years that has made the biggest impact on people’s daily lives it has to be the smartphone. It is impossible for people to go through an entire day without checking their phones. And, it really is easy to understand why this is the case. These devices are just so convenient. They pretty much have everything that you need right there. Whether you want to update the family, check on an order, or send some last-minute e-mail request, you have the option to do so. Simply put, there are plenty of things to keep you busy. However, if you remember correctly the smartphone didn’t always have all these capabilities. These are things that came along as the years went by and the technology increased. Believe it or not, technology is not done growing and the smartphone industry certainly has plenty of room to grow as well.

No Buttons

If you’ve been paying close attention to the designs of these new phones, you’ve likely noticed that many manufacturers have already eliminated things like the headphone jack and home buttons. They did this in an attempt to make their devices more water-resistant. Well, it seems that the next step could be doing away with buttons entirely. Samsung, Apple, and Google are just amongst some of the tech giants that recently shunned buttons for facial recognition or swipe navigation.

Unbreakable Screens

You can ask any regular that plays ceme online via mobile and they’ll tell you that cracked cell phone screens are a constant possibility. How many screens have you replaced in the past? How many phones have you gotten rid of entirely because the screen cracked? Whether it be a pocket crunch or a step-on, you’ve likely replaced more than you wanted to. Well, this could be a thing of the past. Companies have already been taking significant steps to increased durability and in 2018. Samsung developed an unbreakable smartphone display. The display is made of an OLED panel with a layer of fortified plastic on top and actually flexes when impacted rather than breaking. Other giants are already looking into similar and more innovative ways to follow pursuit with their phones.

9 Camera Lenses?

There is no denying that the cameras are one of the biggest attractions of any phone. People love having the ability to snap photos and create videos on their phones. And, why shouldn’t they? Well, it is entirely possible that you’ll never need a full-sized camera again if technology and the smartphone industry pan out. Companies have already long been experimenting with adding more lenses to the back of their phones, but in June, it was revealed that Light is already working on a prototype phone that contains nine rear lenses.


You can see that there is plenty of room for the mobile industry to grow. And, when it does, it will only make these smartphones more of a necessity, whether you are using them for novelty reasons or work. These new changes that could take place could impact the entire industry in ways that consumers never thought about.

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