Top 5 Misconceptions Related To Slot Games

Online casinos are one of the hotcakes when it comes to internet gaming. People love to spend hours sitting in front of their computers and win real money. Most of these games are based on sheer luck, but some can be won with wit as well. The slot game is one of the easiest games that people find in a casino. They are also the most attractive ones. However, several myths are revolving around slot games. If you are interested in slot games, you need to have some of these myths busted.

You have control over the outcome of the game

This is the biggest misconception related to slot games. Unlike card games, this game is played with sheer luck. The combination of the outcomes is based on randomization, and nobody can have an idea of how to win the jackpot. Even predicting the payout from each machine is impossible. Therefore, if you wish to play slot games, understand that you cannot control the outcome of it.

Hot and cold machines

Another myth related to slot games is that the casino can control the payout from each machine. The machines can give huge payouts and become hot, while players might find some other machine cold or not productive. However, the fact is that a random number generator controls the machines, and therefore if someone can actually control the machine, it is the manufacturer. Slot games are considered to be a negative expectation game, ensuring that the casino players hold a definite edge over the players. However, the edge can probe to be healthy when the payback is around 96% in each slot.

The vulture technique

If you have watched any Hollywood movie featuring slot games, you will find that the vulture technique is very common. One person will keep on trying on a slot machine and will finally give up as a loser. Then the next person, who has been closely monitoring the previous person, sits on the same machine, and after a few rounds, hits the jackpot. The vulture technique believes that the slot machine hits the jackpot after a certain amount cashed into the machine. This technique is profitable for the vulture, who can get a huge return by making a small investment. However, in reality, the slots machines are programmed with a probability of hitting the jackpot after every 10,000 spins. However, jackpots can be hit on consecutive spins. So the vulture technique does not always hold true.

Slot machines are for older people

Since slot games do not involve any brain work, many people consider that slot games are for older people. However, it is not true. Several new designs and themes have emerged related to slot games, which have made it more exciting than before. The simplicity of the game and the high payout has made it an instant hit amongst the younger generation as well.

Slot clubs are pointless

Several casino companies have started slot clubs, but they are rendered as pointless by many. Many rookie players consider such features as additional attempts to take their money. However, several slot members have verified that slot clubs give them extra spins,  buffet vouchers, free rooms without any conditions attached. They can use casino money to reap benefits.

If you want to try your luck at a slot game in any online casino site like, then you need to get rid of these myths. Play the game with an open mind and enjoy the benefits out of it.

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