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Investing is tricky. Stocks are tricky. Combine this with the fact that most land-based casinos are closed and sports are at a grinding halt. It only adds to an already tumultuous situation. The COVID virus has really done a number on many industries, especially gambling. While online gambling might still be going strong, there is no sight as to land-based casinos will be back up and running. Given this information, you wouldn’t think that getting casino stocks right now would be a good idea, and this is true for some individuals. However, if you have the extra money sitting around, now might be a perfect time. You can buy these stocks while they are low, hold on to them, and sell them high when the market turns back around because the market will turn back around.

Penn National Gaming

Hollywood Casino, Hollywood Casino Bangor, and Hollywood gaming, you’ve likely heard of these companies. Well, these are just a few of the successful business segments that Penn National is involved in. You can bet there are more! This company owns and manages gaming and racing facilities with video gaming terminal operations, but its biggest focus is on slot machines. This is probably why they have been so successful in the past and make sure a good bet. Right now, they are selling at $49.00 a share with a daily change of 11.72 percent. With a 147.80 percent return in a year, you could hang onto this stock for the long-term and turn it into a pretty sound investment.

Gravity Co Ltd

This company engages in the development and publishing of online games, software, and similar services. They are also in the mobile gaming field, which means that you won’t need to buy cheap and sell high. You can buy right into this stock and start reaping the benefits right away. Their online development mainly focuses on competitive games in various genres. Some of its more well-known are Ragnarok Online II, Requiem Online, and Pucca Racing.

Churchill Downs Inc

Churchill Downs is one stock that needs no introduction, especially for horse racing fans. They operate in an online platform similar to that of which means you won’t have to buy low, wait, and sell high here either. While they mainly focus on horse racing, they do have their fingers in a lot of other online trading opportunities. So, you won’t have to worry about the stock generating a revenue. In fact, they are currently offering 37.06 percent returns after a year.

Boyd Gaming Corp

Boyd Gaming will be a bit of a trick investment since they consist mostly of Las Vegas establishment, which is one of the areas that took major hits. And, they are current dropping, but that is just more of a reason to get in right now, or at least wait until they drop a bit more. Whatever the situation is, you can expect the stock to rise when things get back on track. At $25.65 a share, this would be a real steal.

Scientific Games Corporation

As the name suggests, this is a company that mainly focuses and engages in the development of gaming technology-based products and services. Given that, you wouldn’t think that they’d be dropping at nearly 5 percent a share, but since they are involved in lottery, SciPlay, and Digital, it shouldn’t be long before they get back on the straight and narrow. At nearly $20 a share, you’ll be robbing the market blindly.

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