Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Royal Fumble Final Round Guide

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Royal Fumble Final Guide Tips Tricks Strategy

Fall Guys is a massively multiplayer party game with up to 60 players online in a free-for-all struggle through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains!

The marketing phenomenon around Fall Guys and the fact it has been given away as a PlayStation Plus game has resulted in many of us giving it a try. As you might find though, Fall Guys is a lot tougher to win than its adorable characters and aesthetics might suggest.

In this guide, we take a look at some tips and tricks to make sure you’re wearing the tail when the time runs out to win.

Royal Fumble is by far the silliest and sometimes most frustrating final. Since all Fall Guys move at the same pace and the grab mechanic only works when super close, it’s very easy to avoid the other Fall Guys when you have the tail. However, here’s our tips and tricks to make winning even easier:

  1. Cut the player off. It is absolutely useless to chase behind the Fall Guy with the tail since you cannot catch up. The best thing to do is anticipate where the Fall Guy will go and cut them off to steal the tail.
  2. When you have the tail, make sure you’re making use of the spinning floors as much as possible.
  3. There’s not a lot to this one I’m afraid. As the previous point states, make use of the spinning floors as much as possible and climbing up ramps. If you have the tail it’s very easy to hold onto as long as you make use of these.
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