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Strategy Guide Win Race Rounds Fall Guys Tips

Welcome to our strategy guide article that will show you how to win in every Race round within Fall Guys. As somebody who recently reached 20+ wins, I want to share some tips and tricks I learned to help me reach that milestone so quickly.

Fall Guys is a massively multiplayer party game with up to 60 players online in a free-for-all struggle through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains!

The marketing phenomenon around Fall Guys and the fact it has been given away as a PlayStation Plus game has resulted in many of us giving it a try. As you might find though, Fall Guys is a lot tougher to win than its adorable characters and aesthetics might suggest.

In this series of strategy guide, we take a look at some tips and tricks to help you get ahead in the Race rounds within Fall Guys.

Dizzy Heights Strategy Guide

Dizzy Heights Fall Guys How to Win Strategy Guide Tips and Tricks
  • In the beginning spinning disc section, you can jump on the inflatable obstacles to traverse through this section quicker and also avoid a lot of the congestion.
  • At the second spinning disc section, ensure that you use the path on the right as this will allow you to complete this section of the race quicker due to the direction in which the discs are spinning.
  • At the ramp before the final spinning disc section, always dive off this platform to avoid an awkward jump and also gain some extra ground.

Hit Parade Strategy Guide

Hit Parade Fall Guys How to Win Strategy Guide Tips Tricks
  • At the start, unless you’re at the front, deliberately fall down to the ramp below as this barely costs any time and you’re likely to get bashed off the beams anyways due to congestion.
  • Go with the majority during the pedals section.
  • When you get to the sliding door, it can sometimes be quicker and is definitely far less suggested to go through the gap at the sides rather than the gap everybody tries to cram through in the middle.
  • At the end up the slime climb section, stick right to the sides as the sliding obstacles cannot hit you there.

See Saw Strategy Guide

How to Win See Saw Fall Guys Strategy Guide Tips Tricks

As a quick side-note, See Saw is quite possibly the most unfair level in the game. You see, there’s no other mini-game within Fall Guys where there’s such a big discrepancy in being in the front row versus the back row. Because the See Saws don’t move until players climb on them, those on the front row usually have a very unencumbered time traversing through this level versus being in the back row whereby almost all see saws will be extremely tilted by the time you reach them. That being said, here are our tips and tricks to make See Saw a bit easier to win:

  • Be patient!!! My biggest tip for See Saw is to practice the virtue of patience. You see, the mad rush everybody is in will often leave See Saws tilted and jumping on them will often see you repeatedly plummet to your death. Instead, be patient and only jump when you know its safe. The chances are anyone ahead of you is likely to make some mistakes and will fall back. Think of See Saw as a Tortoise vs the Hare situation.

Door Dash Strategy Guide

Door Dash Fall Guys How to Win Strategy Guide Tips Tricks
  • Let others do the work for you. I’m sure a lot of you cheeky buggers are doing this already but the most sensible strategy is to let others throw themselves into the doors then simply pass through the door they open.
  • When things get congested, jump and dive to ensure maximum distance through a door.
  • If one doorway is really congested, don’t worry about spending an extra second or two going through a less congested one as you’ll save yourself time by not getting trampled.

Gate Crash Strategy Guide

Gate Crash Fall Guys How to Win Strategy Guide Tips Tricks
  • Gate Crash is all about timing. Head towards the gate that’s currently erected as it’ll open up by the time you reach it.
  • Always use the middle gates as the outside gates don’t open sometimes costing you precious seconds.
  • On the final slime portion of the race, make sure to jump and dive over the walls. If necessary, hold back on your stick to hold your descend and time that jump perfectly.

Tip Toe Strategy Guide

Tip Toe Fall Guys How to Win Strategy Guide Tips Tricks
  • Similar to Door Dash, Tip Toe is all about letting others fail first.
  • Avoid being at the front of the pack as it’s very likely you’ll be pushed off as this area is the most congested. Hang back a bit and wait for the opportunity to arise to overtake and cross the finish line.
  • Remember there’s a gap between the last tile and the finish line. I have seen plenty of people forget this gap but keep it in mind and finish with a jump and dive and you’ll be fine.

The Whirlygig Strategy Guide

The Whirlygig Fall Guys How to Win Strategy Guide Tips Tricks
  • In the first section of the game, remember that the sweepers are your friends. As long as you get hit by them in a forward direction, they’ll help you traverse this section of the race much quicker and give you a chance to get ahead.
  • After this section, there’s only two blocks to climb on to reach a higher platform. If you reach this area early, go ahead and use that method. If by the time you get here it’s really congested, go to the side of the wall, jump and grab to climb up. It’s a bit slower but you’ll save time not being repeatedly knocked off the blocks as other people frantically try to jump on them.
  • At the very last ramp, hug the side of the furthest left side and you’ll always land right below. This is by far the best strategy in the final section of the race and is, in fact, what has lead to me coming first in this race many times.

Slime Climb Strategy Guide

Slime Climb has garnered a reputation as one of the hardest mini-games in Fall Guys but it is actually one of the easiest. In fact, I have never been eliminated on Slime Climb. Here’s my tips and tricks to ensure you always qualify on Slime Climb:

  • At the start of the game, you can jump on top of the first inflatable on the right hand side towards the platform and this allows you to easily get ahead early on. Alternatively, you can take the safer approach of going the proper way round.
  • There are loads of little shortcuts in Slime Climb. Especially up the ramps where you can often jump to the first platform, thus saving you precious seconds that you would’ve expended going all the way round.
  • Take your time. The higher up you get the chances are a lot of players have already been eliminated and you can take your time rather than rush through and risk elimination. Take some time, align your camera properly and complete the course.

Fruit Chute Strategy Guide

Fruit Chute Fall Guys How to Win Strategy Guide Tips Tricks
  • At the start of Fruit Chute, I find it useful to let the first wave of people jump and get hit by the first wave of fruit. Then, proceed to take a jump dive onto the conveyor belt as soon as the first wave of people and fruit fall off the map.
  • Stick to the sides. The log only falls down the middle of the map and your likelihood of getting hit by fruit decreases the further on the sides you are.
  • Keep moving forward. Moving side-to-side too much will see you lose pace so keep moving forward.

That’s all our strategy guides and tips and tricks for all the Race rounds in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout (as things stand). When new Race rounds are added to the game, we’ll be updating this guide with the best strategy to win those too. If you have any tips and tricks we’ve missed be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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