Best Strategy Guides For Every Game in Fall Guys Survival Rounds

Strategy Guides How to Win Survival Fall Guys Tips Tricks

Welcome to our strategy guide article that will show you how to win in every Survival round within Fall Guys. As somebody who recently reached 20+ wins, I want to share some tips and tricks I learned to help me reach that milestone so quickly.

Fall Guys is a massively multiplayer party game with up to 60 players online in a free-for-all struggle through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains!

The marketing phenomenon around Fall Guys and the fact it has been given away as a PlayStation Plus game has resulted in many of us giving it a try. As you might find though, Fall Guys is a lot tougher to win than its adorable characters and aesthetics might suggest.

In this series of strategy guide, we take a look at some tips and tricks to help you secure qualification in Survival rounds within Fall Guys.

Jump Club Strategy Guide

Jump Club Fall Guys How to Win Strategy Guide Tips Tricks
  • On Jump Club, make sure that you’re always moving. Run towards or away from the green pole and make sure you’re jumping when it’s not aligned with the pink pole above.
  • If the pink poles are blocking your view, move around and always keep an eye on the green pole.
  • This one is rather easy so that’s all the tips for Jump Club.

Roll Out Strategy Guide

Roll Out Fall Guys Strategy Guide Tips Tricks How to Win
  • Roll Out is all about alternating between platforms and not falling in the gaps between platforms whilst they all rotate.
  • Again, this one is relatively easy but a big tip is to stay as far away from big groups of players as possible. Since this one is quite simple, if you do get eliminated, the likelihood is that it’ll be due to being pushed off by another player.
  • Another tip is to make use of the walls on the platform which can catch you from falling.

Block Party Strategy Guide

Block Party Strategy Guide Fall Guys How to Win Tips and Tricks
  • At the beginning of this mini-game, stay near the back as the walls are longer and might require you to move far across the platform and being near the back will allow you more time to do just that.
  • For the middle part where you have to jump over obstacles, try avoid other players as much as possible and jump in your own space.
  • For the final phase, stay near the front and middle area to do your best to avoid other players and to also avoid incoming walls.

Perfect Match Strategy Guide

Perfect Match Fall Guys Strategy Guide How to Win Tips and Tricks
  • Perfect Match is all about memory but there are a few tips and tricks to make it a little easier
  • There’s plenty of blocks here so try go to the corners or areas in your game where there’s the least players and thus the least risk of being pushed off.
  • If you didn’t memorise the fruit, follow where the majority of other people go as chances are they’ve memorised it.
  • Here’s a little trick: you can stay on the wrong square until the last second (in case people are following you) and watch them plummet to their elimination whilst you jump off last second.

Tail Tag Strategy Guide

Tail Tag Strategy Guide Fall Guys How to Win Tips and Tricks

Grabbing a tail can end up being an infuriating experience as all Fall Guys move at the same pace so how do you grab a tail of someone who can consistently keep their distance from you? Well, there’s one simple trick.

You see the blue ramp in the photo above? Hide round the corner at the bottom of that and wait for players to come past on the conveyor belt then grab their tail without them even knowing you were there.

That’s all our strategy guides and tips and tricks for all the Survival rounds in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout (as things stand). When new Survival rounds are added to the game, we’ll be updating this guide with the best strategy to win those too. If you have any tips and tricks we’ve missed be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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