Trustly: Just a First-Class iGaming PayPal or True Salvation for UK Gamblers?

Wondering what is Trustly and why it is so vital today? Get the latest recommendations on using the top secured payment tool used by pro gamblers daily. Check its benefits and how it can help you transfer cash online with no risk to witness fraud. The piece of cake tips can ease online shopping hands down.

The development of online casinos never rests on its laurels. This primarily concerns the provision of a high level of service for players. One of the most important questions faced by online casino customers is the security of financial transactions. However, nowadays, advanced online operators offer players such a popular payment method as Trustly.

Using this tool, users no longer need to risk their personal data. Whenever they need to reload an account or withdraw funds. Using this popular service, you can instantly fund a gaming account without providing credit card details.

Features of the Trustly payment service

This payment method was founded in Sweden in 2008. The service was initially named InstantBank. One way or another, this payment tool has begun to be used as one of the most preferred methods for online purchases or transactions on online casino sites.

This method is the most common in countries such as:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Great Britain
  • Italy and so on.

The payment service has already managed to cooperate with such famous brands as PayPal and Western Union. In any case, its main task is to fully satisfy the needs of online players in matters of financial transactions.

Features of operation

The main feature of this service is that the user does not have to register a new account at Trustly. All you need to pay attention to is that the gaming operator’s site supports this type of payment. Moreover, you can configure the service without leaving the gaming platform, which looks very convenient. For that reason, UK players are showing the growing interest in no account casinos available in their country. Please note that some operators still display the name of the payment instrument as InstantBank.

After you click on the corresponding banner, you will need to indicate the amount of the payment and add the name of a bank. After that, you will fill in the credentials for the payment service. Trustly will verify the correctness of the personal data and then conduct a financial transaction.

After that, you can use this service by merely authorizing your online casino account. The most crucial advantage of Trustly is that you can completely entrust all possible risks and security to this payment instrument.

An equally important step is to check whether your bank cooperates with this service. The thing is that Trustly is most likely a payment method, not an online account. Once carrying out a transaction using this service, you no longer need to specify a bank account or personal data when you want to refill your game account or withdraw funds. Please note that this service does not charge an additional commission for any number of financial transactions.

Maximum level of security for online payments

Currently, some users are still wary of online shopping due to the high risk of fraud associated with providing personal information on suspicious websites. However, using Trustly, you can be 100% sure that the service will provide the highest security level and protect you from fraudulent threats.

This service is regulated by the Swedish FSA in the same way as any bank located in this country. Thus, you can be entirely sure of a high level of security when making the necessary financial transactions when making a deposit or withdrawing funds.

Please note that Trustly never stores your banking details on their system or on a gambling site. Access to information by fraudsters becomes impossible. To conduct financial transactions, it will be necessary to know precisely such data as:

  • Name of the bank
  • Username and password
  • A unique security token that will be generated by your bank.

All these measures and reliable data encryption technologies are the best guarantees of your safety when making an online transaction.

Fast financial data processing speed and usability

An equally important feature of Trustly is that you can carry out the required number of cases in national currency without leaving the gaming site. Moreover, you do not need to register a new account or install additional software on one of your gadgets.

However, the issue of convenience is far from the only advantage of the payment service. With no account casinos available in their country, players will also witness instant transactions that provide a fresh perspective on the speed of payment. One way or another, using Trustly, you can once and for all forget about the need to continually provide details of credit cards, e-wallets, and other financial information.

If you are an active online gamer, then security should be your top priority. That is why using Trustly can instantly increase your level of financial protection.

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