The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Valorant

Winning a game or loosing we’ve all been there. Before it never seems like you can ever get to where you want to be climbing is hard, I get it but even though as difficult as it is I want to try and help you guys even just a little bit and pass on to you guys some tips on how to surpass your limit and become the best player you can be.

If you are a beginner in valorant this advice will help you to become a pro player. If you want to take things to the next level these are things that you should focus on and use them to quickly climb the rank.

This beginner guide will be advice for players that are frustrated and don’t understand what’s going on with how they can start.


The people newer to the valorant should always focus on mechanics first if you do want to climb you don’t want to be a liability towards your team you want solid fundamentals with Amy and movement to be able to hold sites and get entry picks only when you master these fundamentals can you start to truly play the game how it’s intended to be and start climbing beyond platinum.

When starting in these lower ELOs try to focus more on improving cross replacement, counter strafing, and game awareness try not to think so much on when and where to use abilities. If you don’t understand when to use abilities more often than not you probably want your gun out this is a very prevalent problem that you see on characters who need to use utility against a push.

For example, someone like sage wants to slow orb when enemies are doing a break push. if you don’t understand timing or positioning you might be in a very exposed position when you decide to take out your slow orb or barrier wall and that might result in you getting swung on and dying.

A big philosophy is that focus on having sound mechanics first and then secondly think about abilities afterward simplify the game for yourself currently and then you can take it slowly and learn abilities and strategies afterward when you climb a bit more. So right now focus purely on getting good mechanically having a good position and what to watch at all times.

When you do start the kind of transition to learning how to use abilities try to focus on one or two characters at most you might want to learn and play all the characters but that’s a bit overwhelming to do. You might not play other characters as proficiently compared to a character you’ve been playing like 300 plus games with of course you can always pull out those other characters in unrated but for ranked you want to be respectful towards your teammates and give yourself the best chance to win.

Sticking to fewer characters give you the most experience to learn them in depth quicker and know their ins and outs. Sometimes you do have to fill so you want to play some secondary characters like cipher or brimstone, for the most part, don’t overwhelm yourself by picking up too many agents too quickly to stay with one and have a second to fill if need be.


I just mentioned to try and get good mechanically but how will you do that well it’s all about practice right there’s no easy way to tell you this if you come from a CSGO background it’ll be a lot easier as you have more experience with the same mechanics as in valorant. for other gamers though you have to learn a lot more such as stopping when shooting cross replacement and managing economy.  While doing practice listen to music and do grit shot, grit shot gives you a great sense of distance in terms of how much you need to move your mouse to get to a certain location.

This is stuff you should be doing daily to help you improve consistency over time will yield great results you would also really like to do this in warm-up if you can. Warm-ups are really important so that you’re in the best form you can be before you start your session try to warm up at least 10 to 30 minutes with aim drills. Covering motions you will be doing in-game such as peaking, long-distance fights, killing multiple targets and using pistols these are all essential things that might decide a game one early pick could be all that’s needed to win a round leading to match victory. Always warm-up before valor in session as you want to make sure you’re near top form when you do decide to play.


This might or might not be a big factor for you. A lot of us do get tilted from our teammates and it’s understandable sometimes teammates do make a mistake but know that you can’t let it get to your head and affect your play that’s something that can’t happen if you want to climb. I see it time and time again where somebody makes a mistake and somebody flames their teammate only resulting in a loss.

When people try to blame teammates all that does is bring down team morel and begin an argument over who’s wrong or who’s right you have to move past that and accept that people make mistakes and so do you. I’m pretty sure you aren’t going 30 and oh every game so there are plenty of mistakes in your gameplay as well even though it’s hard when you see teammates make big mistakes you have to calm down and just say nice try and focus on winning the next round thinking about anything else is meaningless and winning is what matters here.

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