What Makes Fortnite so Popular

Fortnite Battle Royale, Popularly known as Fortnite, is currently one of the most popular online video games. This game, designed by Epic Games, is free to play and has become a hobby for most individuals either in schools, parties or also in online streams such as YouTube. 

It has been a giant game since the introduction of Minecraft. What has made Fortnite so popular? What can other game builders learn from this game? In this gaming article, we will discuss five of the main reasons why Fortnite has risen to be leading.

   1.Shareable Moments

The game is fun; everyone agrees to that. Sometimes, you end up wasting a few hours of your life playing it as you get carried away by the avatar’s adventures and travails. Many narratives unfold when you play it, which keeps you anxious for more. Once you achieve your victory, it becomes so exciting that you can share it with friends and families, although you may end up forgetting some experiences. As a console game, you can share the play with friends and family members, while resting. You can comfortably sit in one place and have one play the game as you share the fun. The good thing about the game, it creates personal achievements. Even without winning, you end up being satisfied by its challenge.

   2. It Has a Smart Design

The game has excellent design and features, which make it easy and exciting to play. Starting with the weapons, terrains, and other features, you get the motivation to play often. The game has different tactics. It teaches one how to evade enemies, ‘kill ‘them, and hide in case of extreme invasion. While hunting or escaping an attack, you get rewards that motivate you to continue playing. According to gaming experts at BestGamingSettings.com, other elements that make this game enjoyable include the social experience. It has made the world look cartoony pretty with features and skins that no one else could have expected. Its map contains various environments, including hills and valleys, and other elements that aren’t available in other competitive games. One can choose their favorite landscape and get busy with the game. The entire game is also filled with picture-friendly images, making it suitable for all age groups.

   3. The Game is Free and Easy

Nothing beats the feeling of playing an easy and free game. Its developers, Epic Games, have created this game on a stable platform on a simple interface and steps to make it easy to play. What most gaming companies need to learn from this is how the company has picked every feature of this world and created a battlefield out of it. The game is free to access or play the game unless you want customized features. The game has become famous for families under tight budgets since it has no download fee nor getting the next episodes. The game can also play on various gaming platforms, which include PC, Xbox One, smartphones, and the PlayStation. With this adaptation, anyone can play it using simple devices.

   4. Has Depth and It’s Sophisticated

With Fortnite, you can use optional multi-player skills, which are not available on other video games. The game also has an attractive perception of shooting people, which does not, and one ends up getting several exciting features more than they expected. The game is about exploring the continent, finding enemies and hiding in holes and bushes. 

You might end a level without even shooting a trigger. The game has an easy mechanism to understand; it’s very creative and tactical. When you begin playing, you don’t feel like ending it. The battles with fort builders make one tactical and while increasing their cleverness.

   5.Social Glue

Fortnite keeps feeling fresh as days go by. You will never get bored while on this game since it has exciting timed events and new episodes. While other advanced features require upgrades, they increase personalization and progression, making the payments affordable and worthy. The game has excellent features that are free and provides episodes worth sharing with families and friends. With its free version, people can create memes and live streams, making it more accessible and fun in online streams.

The builders of this game, Epic Games, have done a lot to make this game be where it is now. The features, the streams, the modes of playing, and much more, have made this game beloved by many. Although there are complaints about bugs and other shortfalls, we can confidently say that it is worth playing and upgrading its advanced features.

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