Video Games You’ll Want To Play While On Lockdown

Unfortunately, COVID is still wreaking havoc throughout the world. Millions and millions of people are still finding themselves locked down inside their homes. Luckily, with the technology available today, being locked inside your home isn’t all that bad. Not only do you have access to some of the most premier streaming services, but you have right at your fingertips some of the greatest video games available. With the ability to download video games, you can take advantage of today’s hottest releases without even leaving the home. There are even plenty of chances for nostalgia for some, as a lot of older games are getting remakes.

Go back and play some of those classics from your childhood! How great would that be? With all the games available today, most people find themselves twiddling their things, wasting countless hours when they could be gaming, trying to decide what to play. Well, this list is going to take care of that for you and spell out all the answers. Here’s everything you need to know about games that you should be playing while on lockdown.

Castle Crashers (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC)

Why not get the entire family involved? A little gaming can go a long way! It’ll do your entire family some good to get in some entertainment. And, that’s exactly what they’ll get with Castle Crashers. This is without a doubt one of the best cooperative games of the past generation, as it offers some old-school beat-’em action coupled with side-scrolling. It’s chaotic, immensely fun, lighthearted, cute, and just right for players of all ages. If you want to make it to a higher level, you’ll have to hack, slash, and smash your way there in this beautifully remastered 2D classic.

Overcooked (PS4, Xbox One, and Switch)

Miss going out and eating with the family? Maybe you miss being behind the counter and throwing together ingredients. Whatever the situation is, you’ll be able to satisfy all your restaurant needs and desires with this game. What’s so impressive about this game? The story! It’s just straight wacky. It’s like something out of a fantasy novel. The devil is hungry and wants to feed! He’ll stop at nothing to sate his appetite, including ushering in the apocalypse, and that’s just what he does.

This is until a humble soup cook steps up and takes on the challenge of delivering the perfect dish. With the help of a time-traveling onion, you’ll have to travel back in back in time and learn the true roots of culinary perfection. Do you have what it takes to save the future of humanity? If not, you can always head over to Kasyna Online and play games for real cash.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (Switch)

There is a reason that Super Smash Brothers has been putting smiles on people’s faces and excitement in their hearts since the Nintendo 64. That’s right, that’s when this humble little game got its start, and it’s still going strong. It offers a delightful neutral zone for players from all over the world looking for top-tier competition. It also offers a playstyle for those friends and players who just want to sit back and watch Princess Peach knock to proverbial stuffing out of Bowser.

With a massive roster of characters and the ability to set the rule list any way you see fit, you and your duo of friends will never tire of all the possible combinations.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

You’ve likely heard of The Witcher. If not, you’ve at least heard people raving about the newly released Netflix series. Maybe you even spent the week binging the show and this is what turned you on to the game. Maybe you are just returning to any old classic. Whatever the situation is, no one can go wrong with The Witcher. This is one of the best role-playing games of its generation. With a massive world, a plethora of side quests, and a main story that’ll have you on the edge of your seat at all times, you’ll never get bored.

This game might have debuted in 2007, but the series is still raising the bar to this very day. Every entry takes the game one step further, but it could easily be said that the Wild Hunt is the best edition to date. Regardless, the game does an excellent job of showing how one single decision can have a ripple effect on the world around you.

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