The Depiction of Gambling in Video Games

Video games and gambling has a relationship that is deeply entrenched and goes back into time. They have a shared history that has led to dichotomies of sorts.

Some believe that video games are a completely different genre. Then there is another group that believes that video games and gambling are one and the same.

And while it is inane to argue that video games and gambling are the same, it cannot be argued that these games depict gambling to quite an extent.

Over the years, several video games have been modeled upon the premise of gambling. Several others have symbols and motifs of gambling, if not the entire game.

Therefore, it could, at times, be challenging to distinguish between a regular video game and online gambling. To put things into perspective, we have an article that shall examine the ways in which video games depict gambling.

The gambling industry has been using video games as a medium to target young players. And we shall now see how successful it has been in doing the same. 

Gambling Has Been Depicted in Video Games Even before the Emergence of Online Casinos:

Most of us are aware of the game of Monopoly. In fact, we have probably even grown up with this game. We have played different forms of Monopoly, online and offline.

It might not have occurred to us back then, but Monopoly is soft gambling. And the history of the game dates back to the late 80s and early 90s.

This was clearly the period before the insurgence of online gambling sites like

Therefore, we can say that gambling had always found its place in video games, even before online casinos gained traction. 

Gambling in Video Games as of Today:

We have now come to the section where we discuss the scene of gambling in video games today. Most of the video games today have loot boxes. Loot-boxes are nothing but ways to deal with money.

You buy loot-boxes in video games and earn rewards in exchange for the money. When you examine the idea closely, it shall come across as gambling.

Mainstream and popular games like Fortnite and Overwatch, have loot-boxes. Therefore, these games deal with the themes of gambling, in a manner of speaking.

In fact, several popular platforms where people download games, consist of loot-boxes. And this is where the line between video games and online gambling begins to blur.

Modern-day gambling has changed its shape and is evolving in forms. It is now becoming incredibly difficult to separate the two niches. 

Some Examples of Video Gambling in the Modern World:

To provide some more context to our discussion, here are a few video games of the modern age that have motifs of gambling.


GTA and gambling have a connection that goes back in time. Here, interested players can play games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and others. Besides the regular casino games, players can also indulge in Lucky Wheel, which is another form of gambling. 


Pokemon has a number of games up its sleeves. The franchise has been a massive hit, and this led to the development of several games. Pokemon: Battle Revolution is a video game of the same franchise that has games like Roulette and Slots. 

Fallout: New Vegas

The most definitive video game based on video gambling is Fallout: New Vegas. In fact, there is a casino that is featured in the game. And this makes the video game closer to the niche of gambling, besides just having the games of chances. 

Super Mario Sunshine

The final video game that we would like to talk about is Super Mario Sunshine. This video game also portrays casinos like Fallout: New Vegas. Players can play on slots and earn currencies. 


With the discussion that ensued, it can be observed that online gambling and video games have a complicated relationship.

Though, they are technically different genres, there could be overlapping at times. And this is what adds to the confusion of categorizing the two in watertight compartments.

Video gambling has been around the corner even before the online casinos.

And now that both the industries have their own broad fan base, the convergence is only taking the industries forwards. 

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