iGaming on the Go with Android

iGaming on the go has never been easier or as good as it is today. If you’ve invested in the latest model, then your Android device is no longer just a phone, or a camera, or a web browser, it’s a fully-fledged gaming console.

Modern technology has taken mobile gaming to wild new heights – the graphics are out of this world, the game controls are intuitive and exciting, and the special effects bring mobile games to life in ways that we never thought possible. The number of games available for Android mobile devices is simply astounding. There are games to suit a wide range of gaming styles, all of which translate beautifully to the small screen. Whether you’re into multiplayer role-playing games or you prefer more solitary puzzle games, you are sure to find a game that suites your taste and your device.

Make A Bet on The Fly

The online casino industry has always been quick on the uptake when it comes to utilising new technology. Casino game software providers now use HTML5 tech in order to ensure that their games are fully compatible with all mobile operating systems. You can use your Android device to play all of your favourite games, and you can access them via the browser on your device or you can download a casino app. If you’re looking for an online casino Canada real money gaming option, click here. You’ll find slot games, table games and live casino games, all of which are perfectly suited to your Android mobile.

Imagine; you’re waiting for a bus, so you get out your mobile, login to your gaming account and spin a few reels on your favourite slot game or play a few hands of blackjack at a live table. If you’re lucky, you could win a life-changing jackpot before your bus arrives.

Get into Character on the Go

The modern Android mobile is now so powerful that it can support a huge range of video games, including online multi-player games. In the early days of mobile gaming, it simply wasn’t possible to enjoy these intricate, multi-level games because a mobile device just didn’t have the control capabilities or the processing power. These days, the controls are touch screen, and many of these large games can be access via the cloud, so you don’t even need to download them onto your device. All you really need is a strong internet connection.

With 5G, using your Android to play online multi-player games will be even better because 5G will reduce the dreaded ‘lag’ massively. You can now play games like World of Warcraft, or Fortnite, while you’re outside in the park. The image of the gamer is no longer a pale, unsociable nerd that never see the light of day! In fact, we prefer to think of an Android gamer as a tech-savvy online warrior.

Android Vs iOS

When it comes to choosing the right operating system, there are a few things that you need to consider. The first of which is price point. How much do you want to pay, and how important is it that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck? In our humble opinion, if you want the best value for money, Android is the way to go. That’s not to say that an Android will make you look cheap or won’t set you back a bob or two, its just that Android delivers quality and capability at a more affordable price point than iOS, and you won’t have to upgrade quite as often. Android software is powerful and intuitive, it offers everything that you could want or need from a mobile device. And best of all, you will find that most gaming software providers make it a point to make both an iOS and an Android version of their games, so as an Android user you won’t miss out on any of the latest gaming options.

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